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FPGA info: virtex7 , xc7v200t . Is virtex7 FPGA Supports mips processor Soft IP. If it's supports the corresponding FPGA means what us the maximum achachievable frequency.And which mips series optimized for FPGA?
Since no specifics are mentioned, try these: 1> A FPGA Implementation of a mips RISC processor for Computer Architecture Education By: Victor P. Rubio, B.S. 2> A mips R3000 microprocessor on an FPGA By: Charles Brej I think these are available online for free.
Hello, I am designing a 32 bit mips processor. Now i need to connect this to a memory which is using inout data pin, I am not sure how to use this pin and i have to use OR bus to connect this. Can anyone explain me how to use the OR bus. I found about the tristate bus but there is nothing about the OR bus. Thanks
Hello, I am designing a 32 bit mips processor. Now i need to connect this to a memory which is using inout data pin, I am not sure how to use this pin and i have to use OR bus to connect this. Can anyone explain me how to use the OR bus. I found about the tristate bus but there is nothing about the OR bus. Thanks.
It's difficult to decide if your intended application is feasible without knowing all details. But there's room for optimization in many regards, e.g. using the core timer for delays, not writing the timer. PIC32/mips is a complex device, it takes more than a few days to understand how to utilize it. By the way, did you check the prefetch/cache
The mips32 coprocessor 1 is used for floating point calculations. In the past this was a physically distinct processor but this is not the case anymore. The modern mips has the coprocessor 1 on the same die. I want to know what parts of the CPU are shared by the coprocessor 1? (...)
Even if you find a working core from OpenCores, you might not find a good tool-chain for that core. That is a big problem for writing test-cases and applications for that core. If you are willing to spend some bucks, a good one is the Leon3 mips processor:
Hi guys, 1. I'm simulating 8 bit mips processor from CMOS VLSI DESIGN: 4th Edition. This is results that I obtained for Astro and VCS using Synopsys. I've no problem with Astro but for VCS simulation, at the first instruction, the result is ok but when it proceeds to second instruction, there is something which I not quite understand. Why the me
All micrprocessors basically do the same thing, fetch instruction decode execute and store it. They may have hardware support for perhaps some special arithmatic features, they have use pipelined execution as well, they may even be multicore processors. What I want to know is basically what is the major difference between the computer architectu
Hi, suppose we want to create data path of multicycle mips processor.our clock frequency is 400MHz and we want to execute every instruction in minimum time.(delay of Controllers and multiplexers is zero) Instructions to be Implemented: addu, addui, and, andi, beq, bne, lw, sw Memory: Address to Read-Data propagation delay: 9 ns Write to Rea
I will be doing the mips processor described in hennessy and patterson, the datapath, the control unit and the external memory, I think this is feasible, please let me know if this sounds too out of my league. You are the best person to make this judgement, since none of us here knows about your skill sets and e
Hi,does anyone know how to fix this error?. I'm trying to create multicycle processor using verilog. During the test bench simulation in modelsim, it gives 113073
Hello, I am trying to implement a single cycle mips processor. I've been able to execute the dual level controller but there seems to be some error with the datapath. Can someone please see and tell me what the error is. I used a test output signal called test_pc to check if the value from pc is correct or not. Initially 0's and then incremented
Hello, I am making mips processor and I had to make a component which would make 16 bit vector into 32 bit vector. I used a simple for loop to copy the msb of the 16 bit vector to the rest of the 16 bits of the 32 bits vector. (see the code). However the output is so haywire. Sometimes it gives 0 when MSB is 1 and sometimes 0 when MSB is 1. Can s
Hi. We've just started with a university project where the idea is to implement a MCU on an Altera DE2 board. We've previously successfully implemented a 32-bit mips processor on the FPGA so we are thinking of just using this architecture. The first problem we are facing is the programming part, how to store the assembly code coming from the progra
We have an undergraduate course called Computer Architecture in which the basics of processor design were introduced using the mips architecture. However, the way processors are actually designed is much more advanced than what is taught in the course. Is there any use of this course for those not interested in going into (...)
Hello friends, i am soon to handle procurement and supplier management of a global networking company, so i need to understand General purpose processor information from Freescale their design blocks and also PPC, ARM and mips architectures and how do they compare against each other. it would be a great help to me if you recommend me some relev
Hallo, I'm looking for the User's Manuals mentioned in the title. By googling I can only find an addendum or references in other manuals/publications. The CW33300 is a mips R3000 processor core from former LSI Logic's CoreWare library, the LR33300 an embedded chip using the aforementioned core. Both are from around 1994. It would be really great
hello everyone So I wrote a Multi-Cycle processor from scratch in Verilog HDL(I've tested it and it is indeed working fine), and I have purchased a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA (50mhz), and i'd like to implement or run this multi-cycle processor on this FPGA. In other words, I want to run my MC processor on the my FPGA instead of on my (...)
Hi everyone I'm working on converting a Single Cycle mips processor I wrote in Verilog HDL into a Pipelined mips processor. I'd just like some detailed guidance, programmatically speaking, about how I should go about this. I understand the main difference between the Single Cycle and the Pipelined (...)