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Hi, I write below code for single cycle mips, base on chapter 7 of Harris book(Digital design ...). I used ISE 14.7 for simulation. I just want use data in memory and show result in simulation. but after simulate it , all out put show unknown " X " in output. i will appreciate if some one give me some help. thanks // ---- Adder modu
Hi I try to implement a mips controller using verilog i have a problem in the implementation ISE implement this code as a ROM assign RegDst = (op == 6'b000000)? 2'b01 : // R-Type (op == 6'b001111)? 2'b00 : // LUI (op == 6'b001000)? 2'b00 : // ADDI (op == 6'b001010)? 2'b00 : // SLI (op == 6'b001100)?
I am simulating a mips verilog netlist from my testbench. ROM memory block is modelled as a wire in the netlist although its connected to D flops. module instruction_mem(clk, pc, instruction); input clk; input pc; output instruction; wire clk; wire pc; wire instruction; wire \rom ;* wire \rom[
Hello, I am simulating a 16 bit mips netlist in Icarus verilog. This is the error i get in testbench mips_16_core_top_tb_0.v:144: error: Scope index expression is not constant: i mips_16_core_top_tb_0.v:144: error: Unable to bind wire/reg/memory `uut.register_file_inst.reg_array' in (...)
Hi everyone I'm working on converting a Single Cycle mips Processor I wrote in verilog HDL into a Pipelined mips Processor. I'd just like some detailed guidance, programmatically speaking, about how I should go about this. I understand the main difference between the Single Cycle and the Pipelined Processors is the addition of t
Dear all, I am sorry with advanced members, since for most of you this is probably a naive question :oops: I am using Encounter Digital Implementation System 10.12 from Cadence, for RTL-to-GDSII backend flow of a simple modified mips processor; I synthesized the verilog design using RTL Compiler against 45nm NanGate standard-cell library. I
Hi I need help. I'm writing Pipeline mips code in verilog. I don't know how can initialize? in instruction memory and data memory and register file. I attached the file. can you help me pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz?
I am working on "Leonardo spectrum" to simulate my verilog code of mips processor, but the problem which I am facing is that RTL diagram is not generate of toplevel and errors and warnings are zero but still RTL is not generate, besides Rtl of independent components like REGFILE anf shifter is generated. Please Please help me out i am stuck in it
Hi everybody, I have some problem when build a SoC with mips IP core. If I have netlist file or verilog file of IPs from vendor, what tools will connect these IPs in SoC (such as SoPC builder of Altera)? or I must connect them by hand.? I read some documents on Internet, CoreAssembler of Synopsys is right? Please help me. Thanks a lot.
Hi I need a implementation datapath and controller for mips instructions(R-type and I-type instructions) in single cycle with verilog code,can u help me ?
hey , i hav made my single cycle mips code in verilog HDL now i hav 2 check my processor for results...can u plz help me out abt what are the steps now ? n simulation tools required ...i don't know how 2 write assembly code 4 it plz. do provide some examples ...thanx
can nyone tell me abt simple mips verilog code without pipeling ...n its implementation on fpga
can anybody explain on how this data memory code work on in this single cycle mips ?
i am working with the single mips cycle processor data memory part ,and i am facing problem with the verilog of data memory is my code ... // Data memory // It doesn't have a memory read output module DM(dataread,clock,memwrite,addr,datawrite); input addr,datawrite; input clock, memwrite; output dataread; reg [3
anybody have verilog code for data memory in single cycle processor mips ?i need it badly ...assignment pls help
I am trying to implement pipelined mips using verilog on FPGA. But while doing simulation, xylinx gives an error and says that the design can't be compiled due to specific coding constructs . I consulted site of xylinx for this and it told me that xylinx is actively working on reducing the no. of instances for this error and cited some work aroun
Why don't you download what you need from opencores ? see here:
alsalm 3alikom i have a problem to write a verilog code of single cycle in mips processor if anyone can help me to write it its very important plz thank u
Hi, all, I have mips.v (register level verilog code) and a tcl script of design compiler. For applying clock gating, I add such a command set_clock_gating_style -minimum_bitwidth 2 in my script. but, after the synthesis, the power report is still the same as that without that command. Do you know what is the reason or my method for app
i need verilog code for any of the following projects...plx share... 1. Linear Predictive Codes 2. Fpga Based PLL 3. Digital Oscilloscope On FPGA 4. Implement a Processor (DLX, mips, RISC) In verilog HDL (16-Bit Processor, 8 Registers) 5. Accumulator Based Architecture Processor 6. Implementation of CORDIC algorithm for generating (...)