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Hello, I am running cadence virtuoso 6.1.5 and trying to sort out the monte carlo analysis for process variation and mismatch. I want to plot the gain vs frequency plot of a single-ended amplifier for 10 runs i.e. I want to see the 10 gain-curves in a graph window. The only option in EVAL TYPE in OUTPUT SETUP of the analysis remains fixed (...)
Perhaps this tutorial can be helpful: 123718 ... in monte carlo analysis-> in analysis variation why do we have process only, mismatch only and process and mismatch. Can someone pls tell whats the actual difference. See p. 15 of the above tutorial.
Seems to say that if you want to run with mismatch, you have to tell it what mismatches are valid. Seems fair. Either tell it to run with only process variation, or make up some mismatch data and put it where the simulator expects to find it. There may be a parallel statistics-enabled models hierarchy that (...)
Hi sean, thanks for your feedBack! Sure: mismatch doesn't depend on device size only, but also on the fabs/foundries process management (and how many sigmas they test & release to the customers). With a fab/foundry PDK you usually receive the appropriate data. AFAIK there are no PSPICE PDKs, so you would have to collect appropriate (...)
Std. dev. is probably standard deviation. It's a term used in statistical analysis. Right. If mismatching is only due to process variation (not due to voltage, temperature, or layout asymmetry), a normal distribution of parameter
Hi everyone, I want to simulate the effect of mismatch and process variation on the system performance of my SAR Analog to Digital Converter. The system now is simply ideal system with only one transistor level block, the other blocks are written in Verilog-A code in Cadence-Spectre. The easiest way to simulate the (...)
In general, basic statistics apply. lim(n->inf)E(x_bar)=x_bar And we are not only applying to common centroid. The very fact that you use large numbers will improve random mismatch.
mismatch may improve analog performances. process may improve both analog and yield performances. Corners improve yield performances and fasten simulation time. Corners are not realistic, but if you pass them, your circuits will have good yields. SS and FF are not enough think to temperature, supplies, FS, SF ... they are all independant !
Two branch is better only if the structure doesn't bring any other mismatch. Matching of 1:100 is more difficult and also cost more layout area because of the process ununity.
Hello! I wonder, what the difference is between mismatch only and process only in Analysis Variation in Monte - Carlo Analysis. Thank you.
one doubt regarding monte carlo ... I was trying to perfrom the analysis in cadence with process mismatches for my comparator . I got an error stating that the tool could not find the process mismatch file .... where and how can i solve this problem of process mismatch ...I use (...)