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Hi, I would like to simulate my AD mixed circuit design in which I used STM32F407VGT6. Proteus can simulate some ARM Cortex chips but not the ones by ST Microelectronics. Is there any application, and CAD tool or any add-on to any CAD tool that can achive this simulation. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Ogulcan
I am a beginner on analog circuit design. So i want to read more books about this field. Please suggest me good books on i/o design, or at least analog mixed signal design Thanks very much!
Bakers book on "CMOS: mixed-SIGNAL circuit design" explains the working and design of averaging filters well... other documents: 1) AN 455: Understanding CIC Compensation Filters - Altera : pdf 2)
Analog, Digital or mixed-Signal - which type of ckt simulation & design are you targeting? Depending on this your tools will vary.
Hi guys, Intel Malaysia is hiring experienced candidates to fill up some of the positions. Kindly send me your resume to Below are the job descriptions for your reference. In this position, you will be a member of the mixed Signal IP design team developing next generation IP in deep submicron process fo
I am currently developing a test block for a mixed-signal design. The block is suposed to check if two signals differ more than a user-given tolerance. The signals to test are voltages stored in capacitors. The strategy previously adopted for this block was a switched circuit that charged a capacitor with the tolerance, then added one of the (...)
I use ngspice because it contains analog, digital and mixed signal simulation. You can use kicad to generate netlists too.
Hello. I have a more or less complete design for a lab supply which I have been trying to implement on a 4-layer PCB, even if changes may occur this thread wont loose any value for my progress since they will if any minor. Here is a muck-up of the design to be the subject here: 116719 This is my first such a comple
I am simulating a circuit using devices designed using SILVACO ATLAS in mixed Mode. Now, there is no convergence error while finding IV Characteristics of the designed device but when I'm using that particular device in a circuit, on simulation is giving me a message in the Command Bar which states (...)
FPGA simulation will be done in an RTL simulator like Modelsim, NCsim or ActiveHDL. You may be able to do mixed mode designs using VHDL/Verilog AMS, but this requires you get hold of or write the AMS models for your circuit.
Go through analog mixed mode vlsi design by razavi
i am going to design digital block. This block is part of mixed circuit. Then, digital part is designed by verilog and analog part is designed by cadence. i have 1 problem. my design block don't use pad because digital block and analog block is combined by cadence virtuso. i found the (...)
Hi everyone, Recently I am using TSMC .18 mixed-signal technology to do some design. I am about to use a deep nwell to put all my digital circuit into it to get a good noise isolation. However when I run LVS I found all the NMOS of those digital standard cells are recognized as the dnw NMOS. I know I can use dnw NMOS in the analog part, (...)
Which receiver concept do you try to implement here? Zero IF? What kind of output do you expect for AM and FM modulated signals? Besides general conceptual problems, the present design will suffer from these: - no RF is passing the "Low pass filter 3" - the VCO has a square wave output, so if it's output would be mixed with the antenna input,
hi, I am using TSMC0.18 in cadence mixed signal design domain for designing of opamp. I am able to plot gm/Id versus Vgs and Id/W versus Vgs curve. but I wanna plot gm/Id versus Id/W in Cadence. What is the exact circuit to plot this ?
? Free Seminar on Technology Trends in Electronic design, Analog / mixed Signal Simulation, PCB design and High Speed Simulation? -Introducing New Cadence OrCAD 16.6 Version FTD Automation Pvt. Ltd, with headquarters in Bangalore provides superior Sales & Support in Electronic design Automation and Printed (...)
Sentaurus TCAD is a process and device simulation tool, s.the PDF below. Even if it has the capability of mixed mode simulation together with SPICE models (s. pp. 32 ff.), I think it's not appropriate for circuit simulation with more than a few circuit devices. And in any case I don't think you can achieve phase noise simulation - SPICE-like (...)
Hi, I'm trying to verify a mixed signal design that characterizes a load than applies voltage to that load. To characterize the load the circuit applies voltage to it than measures it's current. And in the second phase forces current through it and measures it's voltage. after taking into account these parameters voltage will be applied (...)
analoglib/vpulse, set parameters to suit. If you are talking about analog / mixed signal design.
hi I have got admit at TAMU for fall 2013. Is it good for research especially circuit level design ( I am passionate about it) ?