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I need to disclose th iip3, noise figure , input output reflection coefficient and gain versus frequency to caracterize the frequency band allowed to be used. Hence i need to use the tool S6Parameter for double balanced mixer differentiel cellule gilbert. I'm so gratefull if you send me a clear tutorial for Sparameter of diff
I am talking about dBm ... so can be > 0. For example, for a mixer (only) gives me +30dBm which is very good. So I am asking mainly about your experiences and if -21dBm can really be true. If it's easier I would also be happy with HD3 numbers + input amplitude because there is a relationship: iip3 = 30 - 10 log6R - 0.5 HD3 + 10 log vi^2
hi friends i m designing mixer for that i m using DS method to improve iip3 point. in this method i need to see the change in iip3 with dc gate voltage of mosfet. i m using cadence vertuoso and analysis i m doing for iip3 are qpss and qpac please reply
Hello guys, I am designing a differential mixer and I am facing some problems with measuring its conversion gain and iip3. Trying to solve this problem I am using a block in verilogA of an ideal mixer, but the iip3 and ConvGain set in the block are not the one I am measuring. Hereby is the code used. ****** INPUT (...)
NF iip3 and Conversation Gain Value for 22nm with gilbert mixer? - - - Updated - - - I have supplied 0.9V and I have taken w/l value is 5 to 10 for gilbert mixer....
Upconversion mixer IP3 test is similar with downconversion mixer. The two-tone spaicing generally is defined by your system specification, and for an upconversion mixer usually is equal with the channel spacing. Be sure that the IM3 products falls in-band.
Hi all I am designing a double balanced mixer is BiCMOS technology. I want to find the linearity (iip3) of the mixer i cadence. Can anyone help me. I got a pdf about qpss and qpac ... but it is very confusing and i am not understanding. Thanks in advance
Hello, I am newbie to Rf mixer. When I select a mixer from minicircuit, the datasheet informs the IM3 performance as 'ip3 at center band'. It's really confused for me. Because, I don't know the ip3 under this context means for iip3 or oip3. Does anyone know the definition? Below is the link of mixer. (...)
I am trying to simulate a current-mode mixer which simply consists of quad switching pairs. At first I used isource at the input. But when I want simulate the mixer's distortion performances, e.g. IIP2, iip3.. with SpectreRF, I need to replace isource with power based PORTs. The problem is my circuit input is driven by current, and I need to (...)
Hi Everyone, I am simulating a single balance mixer in Cadence using QPSS. When plotting the iip3, I don't obtain a 3:1 slope as expected, but a slope much lower. This issue is mentioned in the following thread but there are no further comments on it: Has anyone had s imilar issue and knows the causes
hi all i am simulating zero -IF receiver for wimax. i want to calculate 1 dB compression point but in HB it is not allowing 0 Hz as output frequency. and for 3 mixer tones what is the iip3 equation pls help thanks
Hello .. i am designing direct conversion Passive mixer and i want to knew how to perform iip3 test to direct conversion and how to plot the Conversion Gain with LO ... i am using Cadence tools thanks in advance
The most important parameters of a mixer that need to be measured are: -Conversion Gain or Loss -Linearity (Input Intercept Point as iip3) -Spurious products -Ports Isolation -Noise Figure
how can i simulate iip3 for mixer with Hspice? if the circuit differantial input(has two input) how can i do the port below show for single input Vrf rf gnd dc=0 power=1 z0=50 $ 50 Ohm src vlo lo 0 dc=0.0 power=1 z0=50 how can do for differantial input and out put? please help
is ther any minimum value constraint for iip3 valu for CMOS mixer designing in 0.18um technology with 1.8v supply.....if present what is the constrained value and how to improve the iip3 value.....
Usually, the linearity is dominated by mixer and sometimes LNA, because the OOB linearity of the IF circuits is quite good; For voltage mode LNA, the linearity is always dominated by the Gm stage of mixer; for current mode LNA, the linearity is always dominated by LNA; You can get the linearity spec from system, then, just use the linearity spec fo
Dear all, I work for a RF receiver system design now. I need define RF down-conversion mixer parameter and circuit that mixer following LNA. One of RF mixer circuit performance is Gain=3dB ,iip3=9dBm OIP3=12dBm; another circuits RF mixer performance is Gain=10dB ,iip3=2dBm OIP3=12dBm.From (...)
I am designing a receiver. In a traditional way, I use two mixers and three ampllifiers. The OIP3 of the amplifiers is +27dBm, and iip3 of the mixers is about 18dBm. The simple structure of the system is something like the mixer->amplifier->filter->mixer->amplifier->amplifier->filter. The level of the (...)
But in Cadence, there seems no blocks which can generate Gaussian pulses,There is no tool which name is Cadence. Use correct terminologies. See "$CDS_INST_DIR/tools/dfII/samples/artist/rfLib" provided in Cadence DFII. You can see examples of LNA and mixer, etc. which implement iip3 and
I have a question: I upload a mixer tutorial. The tutorial teaches me how to test iip3 with the help of QPSS+QPAC. As to the mixer example, variable frf=2.4GHz, and variable flo=2.4GHz. This means fif=0 Hz. But when stimulating iip3, frf is set to 2.401GHz, and in the QPAC panel, Sweep Type is set to (...)