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I have a question on the effect of IM2 vs IM3 in I or Q-channel individually, versus at complex baseband: In a quadrature downconverter, assume each path (I or Q) contains an lna and mixer which contribute IP3 or IP2. The IM3 from the lna is at the input to the mixers, so the IM3 along with the signal undergo complex (...)
Hello, I am looking for a discrete device for this function. I would call it a mixer with large bandwidth DC-9 GHz but it does not exist. I think about a RF switch, but it is complicate to inverse the input signal. In a paper I read, it is called Code modulating lna, where the Vdd can be positive or negative. Do you have any ideal about
RF(2.4Ghz) converted to IF (70Mhz) by lna, mixer and bandpass fiter and then go to ADC. Those are the common block for either Bluetooth and 802.11 right? The difference is how to process the packet (which is done by DSP or software) right? So, the hardware transceiver the same for both ?
Hi Guys! I am having problem figuring out a circuit (Attached in the message). I can identify the components individually but I cannot figure out what is the purpose of this circuit or where is it used. It looks like an fm transmitter/receiver/lna/mixer circuit, but I am not sure. Any suggestion would be of great help. Thank you in advance!
I'm trying to design a Bluetooth module from scratch. I have experience designing RF (< 1GHz) transceivers from scratch but not ISM. I do discrete design and not IC so planning to use IC for mixer and ADC. I will be designing PA, lna, Antenna, VCO, loop filter, PLL and etc. need some advice on where to start. Any references or any advice? What
I have designed the lna on ADS and practically implemented it too on Roger 5880 at 5.5GHz...I want to design a mixer that follows this amplifier using ADS.Can anybody guide me?
you do not tell us how long the interconnecting transmission line is, nor how much amplitude ripple you can live with over a bandwidth. If they are really close, just hook one to the other. If they are far apart, you could add a series resistor at the mixer, and run 75 ohm line. if it is narrowband, you could just run 50 ohm line from the
Hi, For one of my project work, I want to simulate a simple circuit of an lna and an IQ mixer used in down conversion mode. I downloaded and installed vendor component directory but they have not given direct modules for this specific IC in ADS. So I used data-item and s-parameter file for lna and mixer2 model for (...)
Hello, I am new in this field and i am designing gilbert cell mixer but i don't know how to do the input and output matching. Can anyone help me with this ????
I've been simulating a mixer+lna using PNOISE in spectre, and I can't make sense of how F and NF are being calculated from the simulated input referred noise. Below is an example result, input noise and NF are at the
Hi You can find design workshop for mixer at spectreRF manual in MMSIM folder or just by clicking on "help" button in cadence virtuoso. In this workshop you'll find information about simulation key parameters of mixer/lna/vco.
You cannot use s-parameters in mixer ( or general speaking, nonlinear ) simulations.You should find a proper nonlinear model.
Hello everyone I have lna mixer ıf amplifier and ıf filter on the pcb and I want to measure signal power,return loss, inertion loss on the pcb what is the best solution for this. Should I put directional coupler every spot or any other method to measure signal Thanks in advance
Hi all, Does anybody here know some tools to draw transceivers block diagrams (Antenna, filter, lna, mixer, etc...) and with which we can export diagrams in .eps format. Thanks in advance, KRAHASS
Dear All, For RF receivers with I/Q channel, lna-->I/Q mixer-->I/Q LPF-->IQ ADC digital assisted dc offset cancellation(measure ADC output DC offset-->adjust current steering DAC whose output is LPF input, binary search untill ADC +/- output are close) Now, the question is, I/Q path DC offset are NOT the same, which mean 2 DC offset cancella
NEC68830 is used for 1-2GHz VCOs in many papers and App.Notes.But the same transistor is also used for lna or mixer. So, it's hard to say there is a such list.Every transistor-of course except some extras- can almost be used for all purpose with diffeent design techniques.
Maybe there is something on the net that i did not found yet? First, the task is given. For example, build some oscillator or lna, or mixer, then S parameters are given and target frequency or band. I want to see at least some answers in numbers, microstrip lengths, so i can calculate them by myself and do some self-checking. Maybe it is a book.
Hi there, Ive built a lna + mixer + Lo direct down-conversion receiver. flo = frf = 5.2G. However I met lots of trouble when trying to get IP3 and Noise Figure of total circuit. Cadence cannot perform pss simulation due to non-convergence. At first it's because we have both driving source and autonomous in one circuit. So I add a small sourc
Since S12 is different than zero, input impedance of any kind of system/amplifier/mixer etc. will be depended on load impedance.
Hello,I have designed a simple sinlge-output lna and I would like to connect to a current-driven single-balanced passive mixer. Considering the I path only what defines the value of the coupling capacitance?Is there a formula ? I would like to add that the mixer is 50% duty cycle. Thank you in advance!