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Hi I am on the process of Developing a Video mixer which takes 2 Video inputs in composite formate and outputs one composite video signal The function of the mixer is to select between the Video images Picture in Picture PIP Picture out of Picture POP Picture resizing Some switching effects all functions should be controlled from the
Is there any rule of thumb or "common knowledge" in determining whether to use a double balance mixer or image rejection mixer? Lets say I am designing a dual conversion radio. Are there any alarms that go off that tell me to use a image reject or a double balance mixer? How do one decide what to use?
Dear All, I have a question about the LO frequency selection for a mixer used for up conversion. I have a IF input signal at f1 and the desired RF output signal is f2. There are two ways to get the RF output. One way is to use LO frequency at fL, f2=(f1+fL). The another way is to use fH, f2=(fH-f1).
I have reviewed several papers and have seen several odd things happen: 1. Some guys I work with submitted a very good paper on a mixer, but they were rejected and a paper on a similar subject was accepted because it was from someone who has a "name." I am often at paper selection meetings and papers are accepted because of the names of one of t