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Ideally the mixer should be followed by a diplexer and by the IF filter next. In this way provide the right impedance for the mixer output, minimize the mixer spurs, make easier the job of the first IF amplifier minimizing the bandwidth at its input. Generally good superheterodyne receivers use a wide IF filter just after (...)
HI saulbit I have some experience on DDS and PLL hybird frequency synthsizer.if you use the DDS output as ADF4107 reference input,the spurs of output spectrum will be amplified as 20*log(N),so the purity of output spectrum won't be well. you can improve the spurs by using mixer-PLL,that architecture equalize reducing N,then reducing (...)
Your circuit may oscillate around 6GHz and it can saturate your circuit even tough this frequency is out of band.. An LNA should be uncondictionally stable over very large band otherwise after LNA and mixer, some spurs will influence your design.
According to my info there is an example given in MWO for mixer design. Refer that. Define your problem specifically.
i think to over come the spurs u need a highy linear mixer , may be a resisitive FET mixer Khouly
If you have a nonlinear device in the mixer you will get spurs. The SSB one will have lower levels on some of them. Your best bet is to make a spread sheet program to calculate them caused by the first ten harmonics of all inputs and select a frequency plan that minimizes the ones you cannot filter out.