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The Proteus mmc/SD card simulation works fine with a FAT32 image. The initialization of the mmc card is a bit different to that of a SD card but can be incorporated into your code. It probably does not work with the mikroE library because it does not initialize a mmc card. ;Set card select and data high (...)
hey! i wanna know that how to use rfid (mfrc455 13.5MHz) in proteus?? or any dummy module for that which uses SCK,SDA,MOSI,MISO pins as this module uses spi communication 115775 as i have seen rfid on proteus in google but can't find it or any of its library but if i use mmc then what would be the card image file plz
Hello Guys! I am Working with DCMI data to SDIO using STM32F4 microcontroller. In this project I have to capture image (1 Frame only) and store it to SD/mmc. Some parameters Pixel clock = 27Mhz Hsync = 15.6khz camera resolution = 720*480 Pixel format = YCbCr 4:2:2 SDIO clock = 24Mhz DCMI and SDIO both are (...)
I have done Proteus 7.x Simulation of USB and mmc card using mikroC code and it works fine. You can find it here. I Created mmc image file using Winimage 8.5.
See mmc circuit in this project. If you use that circuit for simulation it will work. What error are you getting. Post the error message. How did you create mmc image file? Post your mmc image file so that we can simulate.
Which Compiler are you using? If you are using mikroC it has mmc/SD Card and TFT libraries.
You can use Winimage 8.5 Professional to create .mmc image file for proteus. Download and install Winimage 8.5. Run Winimage and Choose File>New In the dialog box's Format and Imported section choose "Select Custom image Format" (...)
save the image in mmc card ... then load that image in Modem which is MMS supported.. then refer to modem sim306 mms at comands to send that image to specific number...
First of All you must LEarn how to interface and mmc card and Initialize it.. Here is a Sample Code Written By me MikroC to do some basic Opertaion.. /*********************SECURE DIGITAL CARD PROJECT************************/ /************************************************************************/ /* CS is Connected to RC2
Hello, Flowcode has an inbuilt FAT component that allows you to read and write to FAT16 and FAT32 file systems on a memory card, mmc or SD using PIC, AVR or ARMSAM7S devices.
dear all i want to implement image processing alogrithm(Digital reconstruction for integral image ) on genral hardware such as FPGA or DSP can any one recommend me with kit to do this alogrithm where i want to read image from Flash or mmc and store it in memory (RAM) and interfacing with (...)
hi all,,,,, i want to send an image throught the GSM/GPRS modem to a mobile phone as an MMS message ,,, can i do that ???? am using TMAS -MC55i Siemens modem ,,, and if i cant how can i send the image to the mobile phone through the modem (TMAS -MC55i )????? the image will be taken from mmc card (...)
mmc image file is the image file you want to load in the card
hi icaniwill, I used serial color camera with jpeg compression and connect it to ATMega32 Serial port store the image into mmc/SD Card. regards
hello all i want to desine a digital camera whit ccd ( mobile ccd) i want to take 1 picture per second and save data to mmc (multi media card) i can write data to mmc and make bitmap file but i dont have any thing for capturing image Nokia mobile ccd is good for use but i cant use i want some (...)
Hi, I want to do a project of capturing image from cmos camera and after doing some image processing will be dump in mmc or SD card. presently just reading the video formats and realeted stuffs.... has anbody done this before.... need help on this ..... which format will be better to store in (...)