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Hi, I need help for Writing some data in mmc the read specific data from mmc and display on the LCD. If anyone shares with me some example it will help me a lot. You will find the circuit with this post. If I press the "Button 1" one string (ex. This is text number one) will write on the mmc. Button 2 will (...)
hi my friend i want to write to mmc(sd) with avr and compiler bascom +avr_dos . i can write in mmc but i want to operation TAB between 2 varibale when i write in mmc . please help me thank you
Whats the question? what are you stuck on? There are a lot of tutorials on the web on how to interface a SD and mmc card. Unfortunately most of the tutorials have errors or omissions and the manufactures data is very hard to understand. I can answer all of your questions but I will not write your software for you (unless you pay me). There is o
Hello!!! Everyone, I want to interface memory card with PIC18F4550, which must support a file system in it (FAT16 at least). I found ELM Chan's FAT file system as open source and only low level disk input out functions has to be written, i am aware of SPI Protocol and read how mmc/sd card works from different materials collected from differen
hello guys ; I m trying to use a PIC 16f877a to write on an mmc 128 M , Mikroc + ISIS . I initialized well my mmc . But when i try to use the command 24 to write a single block i get a parametric error as a response SPI1_write(0xFF); SPI1_write(0x58); // send (...)
Hello!!! I am newbie with ARM Controllers and has started with LPC2138 and LPC2148. LPC2138 is available in proteus and LPC2148(Because i am having a development board). I had done some basic things like toggling pins, Using Timers, UART, LCD, Internal RTC, Interrupts. Now i want to move to a little bit complex topic like interfacing mmc/SD
Hi, I am using LPC1768 Development board one of our project. In this project we have one problem with mmc card interfacing with file system format. We can able to open a file and read and write. But we can't set a file pointer position in any where in the file and also get file size in the mmc card interfacing. i don't know about (...)
hi i can to write in 1G byte sd card with arm at91sam7s64 via spi. but when i chance it with 2G byte sd cart it does not work.:-( in initializing sd in 1G byte when arm sents 0x00 to sd the 0x01 respond returns from sd but in 2G byte sd cart the 0xFF respond returns from sd. this is my codes in spi and mmc/sd initialization thanks for your thin
Hello, I have a project in which I need to write to mmc card from atmega128. In atmega128 I declared a buffer 256 bytes to received an image from computer (the size of image is about 2M). Then I want to store this image in a mmc card and I must read buffer and write it into the card. However, I am not familiar to this. An (...)
Hello! Can someone provide me with a example of PIC based mmc/sd card read/write project. It should be mikroC and Proteus based. Thanks Jayanth D
in proteus to simulate mmc card it is important to give .mmc file...but in hardware do i have to do such things??
Hi All I use PIC18f4520 8MHZ // Mikroc compiler .. I write simple code that will read data from UART until it find 10 "CR" and thin send this data to SD card ... now my issue is that , when i write to SD card i receive scramble data !!!!!! but i write normal data to SD card it work fine with correct data .. where is my problem? (...)
Hi all, I am able to initialize SPI, Memory card as well but am unable to write files to SD-mmc card. How to write and read files to SD-mmc please help me to do this.
Hi all, I am able to initialize SPI, Memory card as well but am unable to write files to SD-mmc card. How to write and read files to SD-mmc please help me to do this.
Dear all, Does anyone has source code to read a text file from SD/mmc card in using LPC2129 (or LPC2148)? I have been trying from past 2 weeks and finally I could write a function for ReadSector and writeSector. But I cannot read a file from card. Thnaks
how to write data to an mmc without any filesystem ? (i mean i want to store some raw data to mmc from PC. Data should be stored from the first memory location. Then i could read it using a PIC microcontroller which doesnt have code to read a filesystem like FAT. What i am supposed to do is, i want to store some data from pc to (...)
use mikroC for pic , it has the library for interfacing with SD/mmc
Hello, Flowcode has an inbuilt FAT component that allows you to read and write to FAT16 and FAT32 file systems on a memory card, mmc or SD using PIC, AVR or ARMSAM7S devices.
Hello, I have been trying to write a text file in an sd card with a pic33fj128gp802, im using the MikroC for dspic mmc library but it wont work I'll paste the code in here for you to see, the code is ok until the part I try to write, i've tested the code by creating the txt but not writing to it and it is OK, but as soon a
Why the mmc reading speed is less compared to writing speed? I tried to write adc outputs to mmc in real time using a PIC16F877A. ADC input was the head phone output of my PC. I played a song in pc and recorded it to mmc via above mentioned method... Now when i read the mmc , i could not hear the song(PWM (...)