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Hi, Can anyone please tell me why Ultrasim is called mmsim? Thank you. Kind regards
Yes it has.If you PSS or HB analysis in Cadence ADE by enabling "Load Pull" option that exists in recent mmsim versions ( I don't know which version you've been using ) you can obtain almost all response relied to Load Pull option.
hi every one I try to run verilog-Xl from virtuoso but that massage appears SIMULATION OPTION WARNING: Invalid verilog executable verilog Please check existance and/or permissions and try again. Relative pathnames are relative to run directly. I googled it and I found I need to install ldv package but I aleardy have mmsim installed in mach
Hi all, I'm currently work on an oscillator using XO. I want to characterize the phase noise and I've some strange behavior. I've set the simulator by following the link below. Using HB and HB noise, f
I always think that this option depends from mmsim version, you use. But I don't shure about that.
Hi You can find design workshop for mixer at spectreRF manual in mmsim folder or just by clicking on "help" button in cadence virtuoso. In this workshop you'll find information about simulation key parameters of mixer/lna/vco.
Hello all, I have a strange problem running DRC check using calibre. When I start Virtuoso, license "111" is succesfully checked out and everything works fine (Schematic, Layout, mmsim). I implemented the Calibre skill interface in the .cdsinit and the drop down menu in layout editor appears. When I start calibre from within the layout editor d
what is the last mmsim version for cadence ic 5.14 ?
I am able to install Virtuoso and mmsim successfully. Every option does invoke properly. but Library Manager does not invoke. please help me. What to do. I am using Red hat 6.1
Yes.. LSSP ( Large Signal S Parameters ) simulation is available in Cadence mmsim package. Or you may also do a PSS analysis by connecting a current probe at the input and then you can find Large Signal Input Impedance by using calculator ( as usual V/I). Essentially Zin=V/I ( V and I complex quantities ).
What are my options for simulating verilog-a code using the cadence software. I have full licensed cadence version 6.1.6.You can use Verilog-A in mmsim(Spectre). Does NC-verilog support verilog-a?If you have licence of AMS for NCSim, you can use Verilog-AMS in NCSim. This
Hi manikantaxyz, thanks fot the post. I installed IC 6.15 and mmsim 12.10 on Ubuntu 10.04 using the VirtualBox in 32 bit mode. When I run virtuoso, no error or warning in the cds.log file. But when i run simulation with spectre (of a simple circuit) in ADE, I get this ERROR message in CIW, and the outputs are not plotted: E
I have installed mmsim 12.11 along with IC615 and i get the following error while simulating a design ERROR (ADE-3036): Errors encountered during simulation. The simulator run log has not been generated. Possible cause could be an invalid command line option for the version of the simulator you are running. Choos
hello! I am using cadence IC615 and mmsim 12 with TSMC 65nm LP(OA, not CDB), in most cases they work well but when I add varactor in to circuit, the simulator tell an error below. (On another computer, IC51 and mmsim unknown with TSMC 65nm LP(CDB, not OA) can run the same circuit with varactor and tell no errors, so I think it's configuration pr
Hi all. I want to use APS or spectre turbo I use IC610 and mmsim 10.1 but i can not find the menu for APS 102957 Where is the APS or spectre turbo?
Hi everybody, I have a fresh installation of IC 6.16 and mmsim 12.1 on a linux centos 6.5 64b platform. I'm following a tsmc tutorial just to check that the installation is OK. I'm having some problem with spectre I believe. When I run a simulation from ADE L, I get an ADE-3036 error in virtuoso CIW, telling me that no log file was generated and
Hi jxyang1005 Do you try to run ADE XL and ADE GXL? You should try to run mixed signal mode as verilogA or verilgo drive schematic to see mmsim work. My setup work only ADE L and verilogA do not work
I have installed the mmsim 61 and IC610 on the Ubuntu 11.But I have no idea with the 'Stimulus file' and 'Netlist file' .How can I use the spetre stimulation .Please Help me ! 98675 98674
Have you tried (in .bashrc ): export IUSDIR=/home/cad/IC5141 note: adapt to your own shell ! My installation consist in mmsim, IUS and IC, and ncroot gives IUS path.
Hi when I simulate in icfb, I can use "+aps +mt=16" in the userCommandLine of spectre(the spectre simulator is from mmsim 7.2) to speed the simulation, but I cannot use it in spectreverilog & AMS(the spectre simulator also from mmsim 7.2). Although, there is a spectre turbo and multithread option in the menu, but that is useless; the cpu is never