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how are subchannel bandwidth and ofdm symbol time are related in wimax for mobile users ? and what is the typical value of ofdm symbol time in wimax ?
dear friends I'm working in my thesis about improvement of handover in mobile wimax with user's profile and I tried to predict target base station with neural network by user?s profile because I want to investigate the influence of knowing target base station before handover over (...)
Dear friends I'm working in my thesis about improvement of handover in mobile wimax with user's profile and I assume that we know user?s profile so target base station is known before handover. I should simulate in matlab. Anybody please tell me in detail or please give me the source from where I can (...)
Hi, I want to develop a handover protocol in mobile wimax using ns2. I want to change/add information to the packets that are exchanged between mobile nodes in my topology. Also, i want to have control such that i can direct nodes as to whether to scan for the available channels or not. Any help please. I am a newbie in (...)
Currently I am working on my MS graduation project . its subject is "wimax Qos Seeker for mobile and static users" . I am trying to measure the latency and the jitter using matlab but so far I couldn't. I am using a wimax USB dongle to connect to internet and I want to measure these qos (...)
hello guys , I want to implement the mobile wimax physical layer via matlab/simulink I know which block that I have to use but I have some problems with unclear specifications .For example to test it at least how many bit I have to generate and if sb see the fixed example in simulink according to what the minumum bit period change in binary (...)
Hi Colleagues; I am preparing master of degree on seamless mobility. I am trying to simulate handover between wimax and UMTS. Is OPNET helpful for this scenario or should I use NS2. Br Mohab
HEY, i am doing a project on mobile wimax ,i need a matlab code for Qos and schedulling of mobile wimax asap...hope to get helpful replies. THNX...
Hi Everybody, I'm doing my final thesis and I need some information about wimax simulation in Opnet 14.5, Plesase, could you please send me some simple scenarios (2 wk & 1 BS) with all kind of details. For example Wk1 sent an email to Wk2, what are the parameters to do in aplication and profile, etc... if i have to assign IP address in (...)
Hello members, Am working on mobile wimax performances using advanced design system (ADS) simulator, but am not getting right somewhere. After I've finished running the simulation, I choose my plots (trace plots, plot types and options etc), then click "ok". It gives to me an empty display (empty plot). I've searched all through, but to no (...)
Hello members, am using Agilent ADS software to carry out performance studies on mobile wimax (802.16e). My studies are based centrally upon the performance of mobile wimax and on its use of Multiple Antenna Adaptive Systems channels to improve network coverage, increase throughput and (...)
i want sample coding regarding call admission control in mobile communication using matlab .also probability for call blocking and call dropping
deer all i am a student trying to work in mobile wimax and i need to use Qualnet simulator but the problem is i have very little knowledge of it can anyone help me and tell me how to get started best regards Hamzah Rashid
hi All I m using opnet 14.0 for my project on routing for mobile wimax.I have settled All environment variable . It looks like every thing works well with opnet. But when I create a network model and after running. it is giving error.Any help will appreciable in fixing the error.If any one have any idea about it please help me. rup
Dear, I have got a Master degree in May 2010. My thesis is related to wimax and mobile technology. Now, I'm looking for a job related to the mobile technologies and wimax. I'm a fresh graduation. Hope to see any your help. Thanks.
dear all iam making a master in wimax and i need help in how to make simulation to cross layer handover technique and other techniques i had downloaded the matlab simulink but i wasn't able to do the simulation so please help me also , if any one could help me to download qualnet and advice of which (...)
J need simulation Spectrum efficiency of mobile wimax. Where is the best do it. MATLAB or NS2. Help me
dear all am making a master in wimax handover in wimax network so please help me to get a matlab or qualnet simulator source and please advice me for the best simulator to mimic handover in wimax network
Good night everybody please tell me if there exist laptops or mobile sets which have internal wimax modems. thanks
Hi, Can i use OFDM in mobile wimax. I am doing my thesis on mobile wimax and i came to know that it use OFDMA. Problem is that the wimax Patch i am using supports only OFDM but it also supports mobility. I am using that patch in ns-2. and i have started my Thesis, i am so (...)