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Dear all, I am doing a project to send SMS when states of inputs changes. I thought of using USB type dongle. I am using PIC 16F88 . Can I connect pins of TX and RX of UART port of PIC directly to TX and RX pins of dongle.? thks
Hi, Do you mean the performance verification of LTE compared to UMTS? This is huge. There is a chapter in a book that addresses LTE performance verification with different traffic models. There is also a sub chapter for "System simulations scenarios and parameters". The book is "LTE for 4G mobile broadband" by Farook Khan. In terms of simulation,
please can any one explain this rate matching equation used in LTE as i did not understand where is the effect of puncture and redundancy version if the output sequence length is almost code block size .here is the equation 87485 from reference :lte for 4g mobile broadband
The following is an excerpt from the book "4G LTE/LTE-Advanced for mobile broadband", from Chapter (CSI-RS Structure): "if CSI-RS is transmitted in a resource block, the PDSCH mapping to that resource block will be somewhat different depending on the release of the terminal being scheduled in the resource block." In my understanding,
Can anyone please explain to me in term of academic. I want to know why mobile broadband is more expensive with limited data allowance than normal broadband? (is it because it's wireless?...but why it's more expensive with limited data allowance while normal broadband has unlimited data and much cheaper.)
Dear all, i am doing my final yaer project on MIMO in Ultra mobile broadband,in which i want to simulate Antenna designing by using HFSS.plz help me in this regard if u know some how. And,plz also tell me How to simulate antenna and its parameters in HFSS. Thaks
For the life of me I can't see what I am doing wrong here. The upper patch is supposed to be slightly detuned from the lower patch, resulting in wider bandwidth. The design is from broadband stacked shorted patch antenna for mobile communication handsets However I have
i have an intresting question to ask but have no chance to do such an experiment to confirm: Assume my labtop has both wifi 802.11b/g wireless adaptor and mobile broadband modem (subscribe to verizon,sprint or cricket in usa), i wonder if i can use both of them to acess interent simutaneously (assume there is a access point for the wireless adap
How to use my pc's broadband internet connection to browse on my motorola motorokr z6 mobile ? Thanks :)
MIMO antennas have been integrated into third generation (3G) cellular systems, broadband fixed/mobile wireless access networks like WiMax, and most importantly IEEE 802.11n WiFi systems, which is a hot topic nowadays. MIMO has potential, and a good topic for a thesis. Check out this one for a reference:
I am trying to read up on Ultra mobile broadband (UMB). Could anyone please guide me in finding the physical layer specifications of UMB?