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Good morning. I live in Paris, FRANCE and at this moment i'm unemployed. So, I looking for a job in mobile phone, computing devices or two way radios repair. Meanwhile, I study troubleshooting lessons and mobile phone and two way components with documents i find on websites. I improve my English too. Even if i'm a beginner. I look (...)
The industrial automation market is undergoing a major change. Cloud computing is becoming mainstream, demand for energy management technologies is growing, and the rise of intelligent mobile devices is accelerating the evolution of automation. To succeed in this environment, manufacturers and system integrators will need to adopt new technologies
thanx a lot!! by the way i am now getting interested in mobile computing and wireless communications sector because IT and Communications field are merging... I will focus on studies but job will come afterwards... Again Thanx a lot!
Dear Sir, I am new in mobile computing & Matlab. I need to simulate Fixed channel allocation algorithm for a single cell to compute call blocks for a given no. of channels for a given time period. Kindly help me to start writing the code in matlab or provide me a sample code or resources for the same. Thank you, Abhijit
The assumption isn't completely true. You also find multiple GHz DSP. But because DSP is mostly embedded computing, they also have to be scaled to low power, small form factor designs. Except with handhelp mobile devices, this idea apparently isn't very popular for general computing applications. Everybody wants a GHz Multicore processor to (...)
mobile Device Operating Systems (OS) Comparison
======================================================================================================== The 5th Int?l Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and mobile computing (WiCOM 2009) CALL FOR PAPERS
Hello. I have a request to all forum members. Can someone from the members could support the young IT student by old computing hardware or old mobile phones. If so, please e-mail address: Thank you in advance
Dear all I want to submit a paper to Wiley journal on wireless networks and mobile computing. can any one inform me about a submitted draft format of this journal. is there any difference with IEEE draft formats? if you have a submitted draft of this journal, please send to me. Regards
I want this IEEE paper: ? Title: Efficient Discovery of Spectrum Opportunities with MAC-Layer Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks ? Authors: Hyoil Kim, Kang Shin ? Journal (Name, Volume or Issue, Pages): IEEE Transactions on mobile computing, 22 Aug 2007
hi, i m doing a project on channel allocation in mobile computing using genetic algorithm .please help me if u have some code related to the same. my emailid is thanx
Some domains to think about :- 1) Wireless will be good 2) Computer networks... 3) mobile computing... I prefer mobile computing as it give lot of exposure to current trends in both electronics and comm... Good Luck
Wi-Fi (also WiFi, wifi, etc.) is a brand originally licensed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to describe the underlying technology of wireless local area networks (WLAN) based on the IEEE 802.11 specifications. It was developed to be used for mobile computing devices, such as laptops, in LANs, but is now increasingly used for more services, including Interne
W. 1 Introduction to distributed and mobile computing. Architectural models for mobile & distributed computing systems. PDF (240K) PDF-4up (277K) HTML (1.8Mb) Powerpoint click here W. 2 Wireless networks and enabling technologies. Part1. Wireless technologies PDF (2,13MB) PDF-4up (...)
Ferroelectric memory combines the advantages of a non-volatile Flash memory and the density and speed of a DRAM memory. Advances in low-voltage, low-power design toward mobile computing applications have been seen in the literature