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Good afternoon, I have a project to send messages with arduino, but the mobile phone siemens c45 died. I bought a siemens c62 .. Now I did some tests with the hyperterminal with arduino but without the atmega inserted and can run several commands such as atd12045 read and send messages. (...)
Hi, I need to use GSM in one of my project, to send sms to a target mobile. I am using Sony Ericsson T630, and I am able to successfully send SMS through hyperterminal utilizing AT Commands.:sad::???:68974 As expected, I am not able to send SMS to mobile through Proteus, the same error. I am not getting (...)
Hello everybody,i am new to this forum and i am hoping that somebody will help me out in solving my problem. Recently,i have started doing a project where by i interface a microcontroller(PIC 16F628A) to a mobile phone (NOKIA 6500) to send a SMS.after a lot of googling,i have decided to use AT commands as it is very easy (...)
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i need vb6 program to send sms to cell phone.i use nokia supernova 7610 series.using at commands how can i write the program?i wrote the at commands in hyperterminal .but no message is sent and no eroors also.why s this ? is not supported by nokia?i need vb6 program to send sms (...)
1> First you try to send sms from same sim using that sim in mobile 2> connect gsm modem to pc and using hyperterminal try sending below commands AT+CMGF=1 To format SMS as a TEXT message AT+CMGS="phone No" > Your SMS text message here
HELLO GUYS and GALS... I'm doing a sms controller for my final year project... I'm using sony ericsson k700 in my project... my connection is as the following PC-->max3232-->SE K700 I've already done testing sending at command to the mobile phone through hyperterminal (...)
Hi all, I have posted the same thread in the Microcontroller section, but I realized that it is more suitable in this section, and that's why I reposted here...hoping someone can help me out. I am trying to use hyperterminal to send AT command to my sony ericsson T610 phone. The settings are: 115200, 8, none, 1, none. (...)
mbus is half duplex i.e. only mobile or computer one at a time can communicate fbus is duplex Fbus is fast. search for gnokki and gammu sites for more details
Namastay How can I make my Samsung C100 mobile phone to notify the PC (connected to the phone through data cable and having hyperterminal running on it) whenever any new SMS is received. Thanx in advance Bye
hi. I am starting a project on SMS controling System. But I cant use the hyperterminal to send commands to my mobile phone. Even i cant type a command in the hyperterminal. My phone is Siemens C35i. please tell me what is te mistake I am doing.
mobile phones are like modem. What you need is a serial (RS232) connection to the mobile phone and AT command set to control. I suggest that you buy a serial data cable for the phone and try-out diffrent AT commands from the (...)
We, 4th yr elx student have this crazy idea of transferring data between two PCs(not in LAN) where two mobile phones acts as the transfering medium. Is it possible to interface mobile set with PC. Is it possible to transfer the data of PC through a medium meant for voice transmission i.e. mobile network. We would like as (...)