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Dear friends At first I am sorry for my english. I would like to send and recieve sms by avr and SIM300. Can i use USART serial commiunication between atmega16 and sim300 to send sms for a mobile phome? I am familiar with CODEVISION and ATmega 16 ucontroller. please help me. Thank you for your kidness.
Hi, I have tried some thing on 320x240 TFT LCD with Touchscreen using avr and arm cortex m4 microcontrollers. But what hardware should I use to make more rich graphics, I should be able to zoom in and zoom out on images etc as seen in android mobile phone, cool animation, background clock, wallpapers, themes etc.. Is this much things (...)
how can i program for mobile phone qwerty keypad in embedded c...can anyone give me code or idea for programming :?:
How can i call application of Android mobile phone from Atmega32 using rs232 or usb? We develop one application in Samsung galaxy ace android base mobile phone and we want to call the application from Atmega32 micro-controller when we get signal on atmega32 using RS232 or USb.
I have a camera module and wants to interface it with atmega8 or so. on camera's board there is a number : "pd0630" .I don't know what it is . but I think it is the datasheet for the module the module is taken from a mobile phone anyone can explain how to interface it with my avr ? thanks
See this material : Documentation and support forum for GM862 Interfacing an avr controller to a GPS mobile phone and search EDAboard threads, for AT commands, and other things.
Hi, I need to use GSM in one of my project, to send sms to a target mobile. I am using Sony Ericsson T630, and I am able to successfully send SMS through HyperTerminal utilizing AT Commands.:sad::???:68974 As expected, I am not able to send SMS to mobile through Proteus, the same error. I am not getting any reply (e.g. "O
Hello everyone.... I have bought a 4x4 matrix keypad and wish to implement it in my project involving avr ATmega128. I have successfully tested it and am able to detect SINGLE key-presses. Next I wanted to implement mobile-phone type keypad using my 4x4 keypad where suppose i press a key one then "1" is displayed but if i press the (...)
i'm trying to us nokia 3220 mobile phone to send sms via avr my problem is when i connect my phone to PC COM1 for testing AT commands and try to send a simple at command when i type AT and then press enter there must be ok appear on the screen of the hyper terminal but there seems no responce at all and when i test the (...)
hey y connect an ATMega8 to an ericsson T20 mobile phone and try to send AT commands. i try ATD0770520112 end it work, and when i try to send a SMS messages doesn't work. Can you help my..please. CODE for call ... #include <avr/io.h> #include <avr/delay.h> #define FOSC 2000000UL #define BAUD 9600 #define (...)
Hi, first I want to know about PDU well. Next I want to code it in mikroc . pls help me. I've been through the same thing except for I was working with SE t230 mobile and avr uC. There is nothing difficult at all in PDU mode. PDU mode is well described here You may also read about
hi! i want help for my project "bulk smsing system", in which i want design gsm modem with ready made mobile my project i use avr controller between gsm modem and pc with excel sheet for sending phone tell me how i design gsm modem?
I was trying to program an avr tiny to make a pwm based charger out of it , A charger which could be used for charging mobile batteries... for this I experimented using the Nokia-1100 phone battery .. When I checked the signal at the o/p of the charger ,it was a pure ,regulated DC power supply of ~5 V.. But when I tried to charge (...)
Good day, May i know how could i programming a keypad extractly like the mobile phone keypad using PIC? For instance, when we first press the 2 button, it is an 'a', second press is a 'b' den is 'c',finally is '2', then it repeat the routine. Same for other buttons. So, the 4x3 keypad can have output for 0-9 and a-z. Please kindly give me the co
I want to interface avr and a mobile phone how to do that?? details please can this be done for any mobile?? what is the restrictions?? which mobiles suport this??
I want to send SMS from avr micro to Siemens C35 mobile phone. What is the speed at which i should make the serial connection? I am trying at 9600 and 19200 but it doesen't work :(
hi friends, i want to connect my GARMIN GPS with my nokia 3350 to send the cordinates collected by GPS through sms of data tranfer mode can u suggest any method for the4 transfer or to convert my mobile as gsm modem. regards hemraj
I think this is what you need: Tiny Planet: a planet-wide, wireless I/O port, a joint project with avr guru Claudio Lanconelli: Tiny Planet is small device connected to a GSM cell phone. When the mobile receives a predefined SMS (text message), like "Activate burglar alarm" or "Start backu
Did you connect power to the datacable ? Only few datacables power the ic from the mobilephone accu. When you use the cable with the PC it gets the power from PIN 4 and/or PIN7 of the RS232 connector. that was one problem by using a avr and a mobile phone. @ AT-Commands All AT-Commands had to (...)