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See your model files: there you can find the low field mobility (U0) and TOX, the Thin OXide thickness to calculate your kn, kp values. Also, the corresponding threshold voltage (VTH0) value will be found there.
1) You might just connect a FET as a MOS diode and bias it with 1uA/square and pick off the voltage, if you can't find a .probe syntax that gives you the operating point value. The model parameter value won't change. 2) mobility drops meanwhile, so you have a foot-race sort of situation. Extrinsic resistances also rise. That's why we use (...)
... I want the proper value of vdd and width value See e.g. one of the 22nm PTM model cards for mobility and recommended vdd value. Min. (drawn) width value usually corresponds to the process size.
A good question. Vt does becomes smaller at higher temperatures. However, mobility goes down at higher temperature. So, depending on the value of Vgs, the current can be higher or lower, at high temperature. At low Vgs (slightly above Vt), current goes up, and at higher Vgs (nominal Vg) - it goes down, with temperature increase. There is a Vgs poi
Hello, does anyone know how to extract the effective mobility value of a NMOS device in Cadence? Thank you in advance.
How to find Vth,cox,mobility of mos in UMC180nm in cadence spectra
Hi While designing a 2-stage opamp, few specifications are to be known beforehand. One of those specifications is "Slew Rate". For instance for calculating (W/L)1,2 = (wu^2*Cc)/(un*Cox*SR);where wu=unity gain bandwidth, Cc=Coupling capacitor, un=mobility Cox= Oxide cap & SR = Slew rate. Let the SR = plus minus 5V/us & also all other values
I want to know the value of the channel mobility in the tsmc 0.18um technology
And... google 'oxide capacitance' and you should be able to find your answer. (you have spelled 'oxide' incorrectly)
1. is there any value for the mobility of electrons and holes ? 2. which mobility is higher? either electrons or holes ?? 3. Whether NMOS or PMOS is faster ?? Give explanation whichever is faster??
it is due to mobility of the carrier that forms the channel...
when temperature increases the thermal energy of the electron increases and hence more electron hole pairs are generated... also the electrons have more energy and hence their mobility increases until a certain value.... this leads to decrease in the threshold voltage as there are more minority carriers present making the formation of the channel e
Hi, I'm quite curious about the K because it was not usually given in electrical characteristics provided by foundry. mobility is extracted from measurement and is not included in WAT. Instead of K, Idsat, satuaration current, is more common. I always use the calculated value based on spice model parameters.
in some books you will get critical feild Vs mobility by using that curve u will surely get critical feild Added after 3 minutes: normally the value of critical feild is 5Mv/cm ,i think