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Is there a Matlab code (simulation) to insert the effect of the Doppler shift in frequency, due to the mobility of the user in a relaying communication system? if anyone knows how to do it, can you please provide me with the code?? I'm trying to evaluate the system performance in the relaying network, i did it without the effect of the mobility
Yes, many variations coming in at advanced nodes and exotic materials systems. For example I am aware of some RF SOI which deliberately strains the material to make the NMOS even better for mobility, to the detriment of the PMOS (which RF guys don't are about at all, but digital users of the technology might not like much). And strain effects on
What is the difference in Channel mobility and field effect mobility in the MOSFET.
This question hasn't a simple answer. For example, a mobility reduction due to carrier velocity saturation starts at electric fields higher than so called critical field equal to 0.8 MV/m and 1.95 MV/m for electrons and holes respectively. It means that for given channel length like 100nm it becomes important for Vds (or Vdsat for mosfets working
It's a measure of the amount of Ic you would see if the transistor was entirely switched off (unbiased), in other words the leakage current caused by impurities and occasional electron mobility in the semiconductor materials. In critical applications, especially ones where the transistor may be running at very low collector current, the leakage may
Mobile robots are becoming prominent in the market, and getting attention for being 'almost-human', such that I think of mobility as a distinguishing feature. It has become a technology with its own engineering hurdles, including batteries, motive systems, guidance, sensors, etc. And a brain, if we can use that term. Although there are stationary
See your model files: there you can find the low field mobility (U0) and TOX, the Thin OXide thickness to calculate your kn, kp values. Also, the corresponding threshold voltage (VTH0) value will be found there.
Are you talking mobility (mu) times Cox? If so you would want to make the device square aspect ratio (W=L) so that factor becomes unity in the equation I suspect you'd use, and well more than the minimum L and minimum W (so delta_ effects are pretty much out of play. Something like W=L=10um. Your schematic shows nothing for geometry params. Th
Depends on the models (which LEVEL or BSIM model) you have available. You should find these parameters in the model file(s): Vth as VTH0 Channel length modulation parameter as PCLM For Kn you need the low field channel carrier mobility U0 and Cox, which you can calculate from the SiO2 oxide thickness parameter TOX (or TOXP or TOXN).
Dear, My device is work correctly. Because my application has mobility, and in some locations there is no network coverage the response will be "AT+CREG: 0,0" . after movement and entering in a network coverage area, the module don't search network , and won't register for many minutes. i want to know that, is any way to force module to search netw
I'm trying to find out the mobility of an nmos-transistor and captured the cadence operation point parameters -- where can i find the meaning of them? (I already had a look at the bsim4 and cadence docs but unfortunately I couldn't find the meaning of beff and u, are some cadence documents that specify there meaning?) [url=obrazki.elektroda
i am trying to simulate an OSC including Extended Gaussian Disorder Model (or equivalently pasveer mobility model) in silvaco, but the solution doesn't converge (it had this warnings and errors: "Error string found in output", "Newton algorithm did not converge in 5 iterations.","Bias step cut back more than 4 times. Cannot trap."). i tried to sol
Hi, It is learned that threshold voltage and mobility decrease with increase in temperature. How can we intuitively justify the statement? Thanks, Anjan
1.which one is dangerous to human ? AC (or) DC. 2.mobility of electron is greater than hole. why? 3.what is difference between analog ic design and digital ic design ? Is one is a part of another
See e.g BSIM's mobility Model: 112249
Generally its not possible without physical models included in library. But you can try do define new material with corresponding models (mobility, scattering, etc.) At least it was done for Silicon Nanowire Solar Cell -
can anyone explain the Charge-carrier mobility degradation/structural mismatch of gate, source and drain which has affected FETs (Covalent bond).
STI creates silicon strain. Silicon strain alters mobility, and differently so for electrons vs holes (a given strain tends to favor one and hurt the other). Because strain is localized, you will also see W-dependence especially as you come up from minimum. STI is also an inferior quality oxide, its fill can be a mysterious floating gate and the
Two possible reasons: 1. If the mobilities of PFET vs NFET is 2:1, then going for a size ratio of 1.5:1 would be to change the delay slopes of rising/falling transition. 2. For recent technologies, strain engineering enhanced the mobility of electrons and holes. However, PFET and NFET respond to different kinds of strain in different direction (c
dear sir/ madam what are the reasons for choosing HEMT devices for microwave operations except mobility of electron and low power? thank you