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Hi, I am working on waveguide filters synthesis, which contain T junction. I use mode matching method to analyze the structure then I find 3x3 scattering matrix, but I don?t know how to make the cascade of two T junctions. Can I convert the 3x3 scattering matrix to ABCD matrix? If yes who to find the final ABCD matrix 93886[/AT
Hello all, I am trying to design a transition between a 50Ω coax line and a rectangular waveguide with unusual dimension: ~200mm width and ~2mm height (a very wide and short waveguide) The purpose is to excite the TE10 mode with good matching and wide bandwidth. I'll be glad to hear your ideas of how to feed such a (...)
I've been designing step transitions for Rectangular to Circular waveguide, and I'm trying to search for any concepts regarding how to determine the optimal dimensions of the intermediate steps for this transition. From what I learned each step length should be kept at least to 1/4 of the guide wavelength, but for the height and width, I only found
Recently, I've read paper entitled by "Left-handed transmission characteristics of rectangular waveguide periodically loaded with ferrite", and I want to repeat the dispersion relation shown in fig.2, but I meet the chanllenge to solve the transcendental equation (5), which is deduced from the mode-matching method analysis. And I've check (...)
Mician offers ?Wave Wizard which is based on mode matching technique: Products | Mician
I work on wavegude iris filter and,I found this article : please someone can help me, any doc about waveguide filter, waveguide jonction, mode matching methode, matlab code,...will be so helpful to me thaks
Hi, I've just started to do research on mode matching method. I need use it to solve step discontinuities of waveguide. But I've nerve used matlab. Can anybody give me some matlab script using for mode matching to solve these kind of problem or recommend some matlab books, articles? Thank you. (...)
Hello All, I'm trying to design a waveguide iris filter in HFSS. I'm using the matthaei's design procedure for the design. When I try the design on mode matching software, the results are good but when I simulate it on HFSS, the results are no where close. I'm able to see three resonances (corresponding to 3 cavities) but the peaks are (...)
hi everybody I need some information about waveguide filter especially modeMaching ... help me
can somebody please tell me what is meant with the term "mode matching". Hi electr0 ! Basically "mode matching" is a technique of analytically "sewing" modes at waveguide discontinuities. It is not a numeric method. You can read more here:
Hi, Does anyone have a code to calculate the s-parameters of a waveguide discontinuity using mode matching. I have used the following procedure but the solution does not converge: 1. Arrange the modes according to their cutoff. 2. Use certain number of modes in one of the (...)
The results of mode-matching is generally not analytic. For example, consider a waveguide step junction, you can analyze it by expressing the fields on two side of the junction in terms of a large number of modes. You would get the coupling coefficients (numerical) between those modes. If you take only one (...)
Hi there: Is there any "mode-matching"software which gives analytical solution at the discontinuty of waveguide/microstrip? If yes, I also want to do the comparison between this analytical solver and other numerical solvers, and I will show you the results. Thanks Div