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I suggest using the fixed_pkg. Newer versions of modelsim (10.0+) have VHDL 2008 support, and the fixed_pkg is in the ieee libary. Just add to your code: include ieee.fixed_pkg.all; And you will have access to the ufixed and sfixed types. - - - Updated - - - Then for synthesis, you'll need the '93 versions
Evaluation versions of modelsim are slowed down considerably if they go beyond a certain amount of code. Don't know the exact details. You'd have to look it up on the Mentor website. For example see:
"more lifelike"? What does that mean? modelsim and ActiveHDL are two simulators for FPGAs. Both, I believe, have free demo versions. Also, FPGA vendors provide free development software with free simulators included. There are also some free VHDL simulators (and probably Verilog) out in cyberspace.
Hi, I installed modelsim PE 10.1d and now I'm working with Quartus II for a design. I'm wondering with modelsim-altera. Can my design be simulated by my classical version or have I to install altera one? Can both versions be installed on a same computer? Please tell me what I have to do. Thanks.
Have you tried to add them? modelsim works fine with them? What version of modelsim are you using? You dont need fixed_pkg_c.vhd with newer versions (its included as part of the 2008 standard in the IEEE package).
Is there any possible way to simulate my coding in modelsim 5.5e itself?? Why not, all reports are about basic Verilog syntax problems, nothing related to modelsim versions. I assume it's a pure simulation respectively algorithm design project, not related to real hardware implementation, otherwise the question of available hardw
Early versions of modelsim do not support untyped mailboxes. My recommendation is to always use typed mailboxes anyways - it is safer. class generator; packet pkt; // parameter type T = bit; mailbox #(packet) mbx; function new(mailbox#(packet) mbx); this.mbx = mbx;//(100); endfunction task run(int count); repeat (count) begin pkt = new(); voi
modelsim 6.3f is very old. How about updating to 10.1?
modelsim eventually supported nested class declarations in versions after 10.1 But the example code you show here will never compile because there is a missing endclass. Even with nested classes, there needs to be a matching endclass for each class declaration. The error message is misleading because the intent was never to have an nested c
Request a trial for the current version, get an url to ftp server + a login, and download the older modelsim version from the same ftp server. At least that's how it used to be. Good luck!
create the lpm library and map it to the pre-compiled versions as provided by modelsim-AE. You can download modelsim-AE from the altera website for free, and they contain all the libraries you need.
Have you set a system environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE? This should point to your license eg LM_LICENSE_FILE=c:\modelsim\license\license.dat or something like that depending on where you put the file and what it is called
Everything you need to know is right here:
you can downld the student version of the modelsim or Icarus. I have used modelsim but heard Icarus is good and free simulator. You can start learning Verilog by the author Samir Palnitker.
Hi Sunil, Some student versions will not allow to use complete set of of "option" switch while simulating. You can just check-out FAQs of modelsim for the simulation with encrypted verilog files. Pressumes that without encryption your design are getting simulated. Try to do the verror number in your simulator also for finding out the root cause
hi , i know that modelsim is used for simulating vhdl codes , but i dont know waht is questa sim and what does it do and how it works ? can any body help me ? thanks in advanced omid sharifi
I also experienced older modelsim versions crashing wth certain designs (also in functional simulation), I think it's a bug.
modelsim is so primitive it is hard to beleive why it is so popular. (microsoft ?) what mentor does today is just to take this old software and criple it to se, pe, xe , starter, xilinx , altera versions. the only thing they do is put loop delays inside. every new version they come up with force you to compile all your files and packages.
Look at what versions of the modelsim program are compatible with your Altera libraries?
A couple years ago, Synplify Pro was about $20K (US dollars), modelsim SE about $20K, HyperLynx GHz about $47K. The lighter versions were roughly a third of that. Xilinx stuff: ISE Foundation about $3000. WebPACK is of course free. EDK about $500. System Generator for DSP about $1000. Yearly support is usually an unpleasant fraction of the pu