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Mostly agree with ads-ee. Vector waveform editor has been used with the old Quartus built-in simulator, available till V9 or so. Later Altera provided a converter in the University Program that drives modelsim from the waveform file. I still find the simulator appropriate for small simulation problems. can you tell me how I have to do
In what sense? modelsim will store the whole waveform file for you during a simulation run. If you're trying to store a trace to a text file for stimulus later, you will need to do that in your VHDL code.
Hi All, How can I see variables, which are locally defined in the VHDL procedures, in the waveform? Somehow I cannot see nor the procedures themselves nor their variables. Thank you!
hi everyone i was looking for a tool to give me a power waveform and i end up to prime time px, but i can not find fsdb2ns to change fsdb file format to ascii format, so i try to change fsdb file format to vcd with synopsys fsdb2vcd and try to change result vcd to wlf file format with model sim but i don't know why modelsim can not read wlf file f
When I ran a testbench in modelsim I've got vsim-8630 error referring to a line: result = A/B + C/D; A,B,C and D are 'real', A = 17396, B = 186, C/D=1, therefore the result does have an infinite result. Although in modelsim this error was reported, correct result was shown in waveform with the value being rounded to four decimal number (...)
Didn't yoiu intend to write synthesizable VHDL? In this case your design should use a clock instead of simulation timing statements like CURRENT_STATE <= NEXT_STATE after 7ns; I presume you're using functional simulation in the "university waveform program" (which is actually a beginners modelsim frontend). To narrow down why your
My design has a PLL embedded in it - this PLL works properly on a synthesized Cyclone IV FPGA. However, when I try to simulate - it doesn't work. Attached are 3 files: 1. altera_mf.txt - megafunction library. 2. new_pll.txt - instantiations of the PLL at question (as configured by Altera's Megawizard) 3. tb_new_pll.txt - test bench for th
Hello all, I have a wlf ...some signals are inputs, some are outputs etc. Is it possible to use modelsim .wlf file as a testbench (stimulus)? Can i delete some of the wlf signals & keep the inputs and then feed them into a testbench entity? Can modelsim generate a force signal_x high or low scripted based on the wlf file? Could anyon
Hi all, In modelsim, I want to add all the filip-flops Q signal to the wave form. But, before, I want to check if this Q signal is driving anything or it's connected to anything and then add it to the waveform. something like this: if /dut/or1200/mult_mac_reg_12_/Q signal exist then: add wave sim:/dut/or1200/mult_mac_reg_12_
im using modelsim for simulation and more than 3 sec simulation time is needed it spends more than 2 hours now, so i want to know the methods how to speed up of it. the only thing im using is the waveform graphic, so other additional information is not needed. there were some technique founded after searching the internet but it didnt show an
You can put all signals from within the design onto the waveform window. If you are using modelsim, make sure you invoke vsim with the novopt switch: vsim -novopt my_top_level
i have done the test bench and what so ever.. but my problem is my waveform can't run or generate the wave.. what should i do? this is my coding. -- Purpose : compress the bit -- After reset signal, it will compress the bit output --input = 001000110 11110000 11011010 00000001 11111010 01101100 00000001 00001000 (64 bit) --LUT = 0010
-- Copyright (C) 1991-2013 Altera Corporation -- Your use of Altera Corporation's design tools, logic functions -- and other software and tools, and its AMPP partner logic -- functions, and any output files from any of the foregoing -- (including device programming or simulation files), and any -- associated documentation or information a
Have you tried to add them? modelsim works fine with them? What version of modelsim are you using? You dont need fixed_pkg_c.vhd with newer versions (its included as part of the 2008 standard in the IEEE package).
Hi all, I'm simulating a design in modelsim. Since a signal may have many drivers, every transition in those drivers may cause transition on the given signal. How can i find which driver has resulted in a transition on the corresponding signal? Is there any way to trace signal transitions for a specific signal? For example, i need to know that a
You could used the "list" feature un modelsim. I means run up patterns 40, and add the signal in the list window, and run again.
Hi, Try the "wlfrecover" command of modelsim ( ) to fix the wlf file. Then try to open the waveform again the way you did before. I am not certain this will solve your problem, but is worth a try. Regards, Giorgos
Hi friends , I want to compare the power performance of my two different designs... Is it possible to compare the power performance in modelsim simulator using verilog files ? Pls suggest me...
Synopsys' VCS has a "show drivers" command (or maybe was simply "show" or "drivers") with a path to an object as a parameter. modelsim/Questa has a similarly named command. Both are more easily used in the GUI, via drag-and-drop or else by selecting the target signal in waveform window, clicking on the corresponding icon, etc. But I also recall you
Hello, I have a module that uses a function in the combinational logic always block. (How) Can I inspect the internal signals (or variables) of a function in modelsim? I have an simplified example of what I intend to do: function logic inverse(logic x); logic y; y = x?0:1; return y; endfunction logic a; logic b; always_comb