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Can anyone recommend some good resources (books, websites etc.) which explain all the digital modulation schemes from basics. Thanks.
Dear eng-a-hesham Hello What kind of mixer? what range of frequency ? with modulation or without modulation?Do you need some books at this area? Best Wishes Goldsmith
i) your idea for carrier formulation seems mathematically right. ii) GMSK techniques are available widely GMSK. GMSK implies your using a gaussian pulse shaping instead of the half sinusoid, so there r
Hi guys, I have to design a FSK digital demodulator. I focus on synchronization issues, in particular on frequency offset estimation. Can you suggest me which algorithms or schemes are suitable for a FSK modulation?I appreciate any kind of materials, books or other stuff that can help me in this task! Thanks in advance!
Hi i need the book Electronic communications: modulation and transmission by Robert J. Schoenbeck and Solution any one have ? i also need some A.I. books also reply me thank in advanced
i want paper about BPSK or FSK or any type of digital modulation with bit error rate. and i want simulation for paper with MATLAB. this my mail :
Hi all, I am using process 180nm for chip design. Are there anybody who can give me "channel-length modulation factor (lambda)" for NMOS and PMOS? Many thanks!
We don't know if the modulation is Morse code, data, AM or FM because you forgot to say any details.
i need Basic books for digital modulation codes in matlab if any 1 have plz give me the link.... It will b helpful thank U!
I am looking for RF related book that relates the following. Are there any books that you will recommend. -- modulation / Demodulation scheme for GSM -- modulation / Demodulation scheme for Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Bluetooth -- modulation / Demodulation scheme for remote control (...)
Could anyone to introduce some good papers/books/thesis on continous time sigma delta ADC??Thanks a lot! Best regards hi, there is a book "Continuous Time Sigma Delta modulation for IF AD Conversion Radio Receivers" in the eda-book up&download section, so i think it will be good for you. jeff.yan
hi, Im doing thesis on wimax coding and modulation techniques plz plz i need help related this topic. I need links for free download wimax books with matlab codes. or simply matlab codes are required for above topic. Thnks
Hi, The document attached gives the formulas for channel capacity for modulations scheme. Hope this helps.
A lot of DSP engineers (or DSP books) called bandwidth simply as ?data transfer rate?. For a particular digital modulation have to check this area for the exact correlation.
Hi there, I just want ask if somebody can help me explain what does modulation (QAM, BPSK) does in OFDM? If any, can you give something to refer to. One more thing, i discover that different books have different arrangement of the process in OFDM, like the arragement of IFFT, Guard Insertion etc. Is it allowable? does it
you can search books on COMMUNICATION in this forum, there are many books and most of them including chapters on the modulation.
I want to understand the basics of Microwave Radio and modulation techniques. Please suggest some e books
what is multi-h cpm modulation ? please refer me to a god text about it.
Hi Your question is the part of basic question in coding theory. You can ask also about bit duration. When the system is used coding, is it true to change bit duration or bit rate or not? And some questions like your question. If you want a complete discussion, see Proakis book. Or another books or chapters in joint coding and modulation. If you
Hi I think your answer is a complete book about OFDM. But main topic in OFDM modulation is IFFT in transmiter and FFT in receiver.