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Hi I have just started working on a power line modem design using BELL 202 modulation (FSK 1200/2200 Hz marks space signal). There are quite a few design examples available from different chip manufacturers, e.g. TI, ON Semi etc. but all of these use CENELEC bands (starting from 9kHz, different modulation like OFDM, (...)
There is a FM modulation coming from somewhere.Looks like it.. It may be supply,tuning voltage,load or something else..
HI, With what i can replace theTDA5051 in this project THX
I don't think that it works without modulation, similar to PLC (power line communication) techniques.
I am writing a thesis on using G3-PLC for power line communications, whereas the G3 standard uses D/QPSK modulation. What I have figured out so far is that both 4QAM and QPSK appearently produces the same waveform, but are they the same matematically? In a QPSK constellation, are the mapping points at 45, 125, 225 and 315 degrees while (...)
ASK stands for Amplitude "shift" keying, in principle it means on/off type modulation like in a telegraph. You can use a TTL-driven transistor to key the transmitter power by interrupting the DC power line, you can key the RF power-amplifier DC bias. For low data rate, you can drive oscillator-transistor (...)
My MS2601 has a fault. Maybe something is not locking, or there is ripple on a supply line. The display is most unsteady and looks like 'hum' modulation of any spectrum I'm looking at. Anyone familiar with fault finding in these Analizers? I have the books.
I'm looking for some directions to enhance my project. I decided to develop Automated meter reading using PLC. But my project was rejected as it is replica of the existing system. Looking for ideas to enhance the same project.. Any changes to the existing AMR system using PLC. For e.g., even noise reduction, new modulation technique other than FSK,
Hello, i have a problem with bpsk and 16-qam modulation in matlab.I want to simulate a plc(power line communication) system. I dont know many things and now i learn so i need some code is: rand = randint(1,10, )%create 10 random binary data trel=poly2trellis(,) coded=convenc(rand,trel)%create 20 bits from 10 and now i
You just pointed out, matching networks (for proper load-line), bypass capacitors, and correct handling of harmonics. Bias filtering at both base/gate and collector/drain should not be very narrow, and must have a bandwidth about two times greater than the modulation bandwidth in order to maintain constant group delay and flat gain.
hi dear i just need help to fine best type of modulation technique in my project my project need to transmit and receive voice over power line full duplex plz help me to theory of modulation and to fine chips for that ahmed kamal
Hello everyone.. I am a newbie in this forum.. I would just like to ask if anyone have already work on modeling powerline communication system using digital modulation in matlab? Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
look at "Ethernet over AC power line" device on the market now, they are using OFDM modulation on the RF carrier signals in MHz over the home AC power lines, the distance can be 100meter. the data rate can be in 10 MBps or higher, For twist pair line, it should be much better in terms of (...)
Hi friends, I have been investigating on the applicability of power line communications techniques. I want to simulate the plc system in MATLAB (m file).The simulation includes FSK and PSK and OFDM modulation and demodulation , error control coding , powerline channel and the noise over (...)
hello to everyone, i m doing my final year project on "power line communication-home automation" i m using xr2206 and xr2211 for fsk i have completed the modulation part but hving problem in demodulation.i have used frequencies 110khz and 120khz for fsk but desining the demodulator part i am getting hard time for the (...)
I have one idea using Amplitude modulation
Hi, You can use a NE567 for demodulation and use a PIC microcontroller for FSK generation @ 125 KHz. But you can also use ST chip :-). Paul.
Hi I am working on the power line communication project. I have implemented FSK modulation and demodulation using XR2206 and XR2211 respectively. I am getting 30khz and 15KHz, 5Vpp output for logic 1 and logic 0 respectively. I have also implemented the coupling circuit using ferrite core from the (...)
If the current is not very high through the power line, try modulating a subcarrier with DTMF tones ( the ones used into the telephones. The carrier frequency can be i.e. 100 KHz or similar. use FM modulation ( modulation index at least 1 ) to avoid interference from noise on the line. (...)
I actually have a couple of friends developing a system like it for the last year project course, as i have heard they are trying to make some spread spectrum modulation, because your signal have to be low enough no to alter your power drive in the cable, i'll try on talk to them but it wont be ready till end of the year, they are iunvestigating ri