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How does the shunt tripping module for MCB works. Has anyone disassembled one
Hello, Is possible to add CCFL light or LED backlight to a 6 digit/7 segment lcd display which has no backligt from the beginning? I have seen some article about doing that many years ago (could not find now...) by removing the reflective shield layer from the backside , not sure if I should seprate that shield from a possible layer (polirizati
Hi everyone, For a project involving multiple drones communicating to a single base station, I'm looking for a chipset (or alternatively a module) that supports a star topology network (i.e. multiple transmitters sending data to a single receiver). I need quite a bit of range (about > 2 km) with antennas that aren't ridiculously large since they
Hi, everyone! I'm an electronic enthusiast from China. I'd like to ask you a question. Recently, I made an RF power amplifier with 2sc1971, and connected the transmitting antenna to adjust the standing wave to a minimum of 1.05. Instead, the transmitting power is not as large as when the standing wave is greater than 1.05. Why? Thank you!
Hi. I want to drive NOKIA 5800 lcd with microcontroller but my problem is pinout details of lcd connector. I mean, I have no documents or datasheet of it to undrestand about timing and protocol of lcd pins. I also downloaded the relevant files like "Nokia service manual"(lcd pinout attached), but i cant undrestand CDP0 (...)
What are sequence to initialize HD44780 display device ? . are given in page 42 to initialize in 4 bit mode but the table it seems confusing me 1. Display clear 2. Function set: 3. Display on/off control: 4.
Hi Guys, When I disassemble a machine "made in China", it has a AC/DC module low-power ( I guess it's 12V/1A output). I observe these design and discover something weird. It has (look like) the tuning traces and serial with MOV. MOV'name is "vdr 10d561k" As in my picture below. It is connected directly to 220VAC input before come into capac
Hi, Iḿ trying to compare 40 values from a memory array to my input data. If any of those 40 data matches to my input data I go to next state. Im using a FOR LOOP for comparing the values in one clock cycle. But it limits my Fmax clock frequency. How do I write a pipeline based code to check my input data with those 40 values in such a w
TX and RX coils are part of resonant circuits, using series or parallel capacitors for doing this resonance. If you de-tune the RX resonant circuit you may get lower voltage at the input of the reader module.
I have a test-bench module which is instantiated multiple times. In there is a file write operation. My requirement is to have an unique file created for each instantiated module. How can I do that? -------------------------------------------------------------------- This is what I have done... The uniqueness of the file name is to be d
Do you know how to Then use port mapping to transfer this diff clk from to or other instances. ? You already have wire pgm_user_clk_*. Just connect this to wherever it is needed! You can use plain, simple Verilog. Just have a similar dimension array in your test-bench sub-module as port
For biometric lock take a look:
Hi, Gurus, This circuits is another company designed for MIC, then this MIC+/- links to my designed module. Then weird thing happens, the MIC volume is not stable with strong noise. Attachment is my audio circuits, please note in real there is a 604 ohms resistor between the left ends of C400 and C402. I am afraid that the other company's A1 &
Hello My Dear Friends! Hope this post finds you well. I am trying to develop a AC to DC rectifier 110V/50 A range. Feeling that I am doing wrong on making the full bridge or half bridge portion. The IGBT module I am using is
Hello, I am trying to convert a real signed number into 2's complement in verilog for the sake of testing only. But I get "don't cares" when converting to binary. I am new to Verilog and not sure how to do it. My code is shown below: module tst(); parameter INPUT_PORT_WIDTH = 65; // Input filter data {1,64}
Hi all, I'm designing a bias sequence circuit for GaN Power Amplifier, the same as "AN11130-Bias module for 50 V GaN demonstration boards". the problem is in the off-state. the gate voltage should be goes from -5 to 0 after the drain voltage goes down to zero. It can be fine if I insert a control signal to turn off Vdrain then turn off the Vgate.
hi, I want to understand I/Q modulation and demodulation process. I want to module a 10MHz bit stream (each bit has 100 nsec duration). Bit stream is in the form of 0 and 1. I want to perform BPSK. How can i convert it to i/q base-band? What is the significance of I/Q modulation and demodulation? Regards
Good evening to all I am not speaking about code I want to understand communication between MCU and lcd how does microcontroller send data to lcd so I made one flow chart that explain my understanding I have attached PDF file and I am looking advice with my flow chart
Do you understand MNPC topology? Do you understand the purpose of split output feature? What kind of c
I need to work on a project where the microcontroller should: 1-)Read three voltage outputs of an accelerometer 2-)Log the data to an SD card 3-)Send the logged data to cloud by intervals via a GPRS module The requirements are to make it cheap and most importantly low power. I will have enough time for this I guess. But since there are zil