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There are many examples installed with ADS. If you are using ADS 2099, look at these directories: examples\Tutorial examples\Training\momentum examples\momentum\Antenna The User's Guide in PDF format can be found at \doc\pdf\usrguide.pdf
hi, i have problem with the simulation of Wilkinson splitter at 1847MHz. I can't set TFR properly in ADS momentum. Schematic Simulation works well with lumped 100ohm resistor. But i cant get same result in momentum. How can i set TFR sheet and at which location it must be placed. I am following the 2nd design on this page. www.micr
Hi everyone, I'm new to ADS and would greatly appreciate if you have any document which explains( with examples) momentum & Layout in ADS. Thanks in advance Regards,
For multilayer you can start using examples under example/momentum/emcktcosim./ltcc_prj
hi, i try to simulate a pifa antenna in momentum of ADS but i have dificult in drawing different layers of the antenna; pls can you send me give me help ( tutorials, examples....)
In ADS examples: \hpeesof\examples\momentum\Microwave\Waveguide_prj, the substate define is as follwoing: all the three middle layers under "layout Layers" defined as "cond"..."Perfect Conductor". I want to know why the "air" layer has such definition? Attached pictuer:
hi there is an example with a circular polarized patch. Just open the momentum examples. Regards
Hello, i have a script in ael which creates a circuit in layout window, then i would like to call this process from matlab and then drives a momentum Simulation. I have read about links beetween matlab and ADS but only apears Ptolemy (for DSP). Anybody knows about it?
Hello, I have been using the optimization feature in ADS (for momentum). I followed one of the examples (a coupler in the documentation) to set up my own optimization. In the optimization that I use I have several traces changing length as parameters of optimization. The problem that I have experienced is that the traces “grow”
There are plenty of examples in the ADS\examples directory ( or root\examples\momentum\Optimization has some good filter examples as well). Also, if you have the licenses to use the design guide (it is called something like that), then you can enter in your filter specs, and it will crank out a design for (...)
Here are the example files. examples/momentum/emcktcosim/LTCC_prj examples/RF_SiP/GT943_LTCC_Modeling_prj
I want to build an inductor and transformer in CMOS tech. However, I don't konw how to do it in ADS momentum. Does anybody can show me some tutorial or example about this? Thnks.
When exactly to use Internal ports and Single ports for momentum simulation? In the documentation, single ports are calibrated but not internal ports. So what it means? Does anyone have a clear idea and can give specific examples when to use which ports? Thanks.
go to Agilent ADS-momentum examples / tutorials on Antennae design & simulation available in ADS installation folder
yes, momentum is the good tool for RFID Circuit & Antenna design & simulations
Hi All, I am having the "The simulator has unexpectedly terminated" error with all the DSP examples. For the analog, I can do HB, AC, DC, momentum...etc with no problem. Any one has the same problem and any solutions?? Thanks, Mesfet+
Is it possible to simulate the lumped components inside the momentum as we do it in Ansoft HFSS?
this is a project in it u will find some momentum simulations wish this help
Hi all, I was checking the examples given in ADS momentum folder. There r few examples of Antennas. In the related data display, ADS software plots 2 graps for Axial ratio . One is under "Circular polarization" heading and the other one is under the heading of "Linear polarization". These 2 graphs are plotted for all the (...)
Can anybody post examples of microstrip structures simulations in momentum? Such as couplers, mittered bends, and other structures where you can see the surface currents... I would be grateful for any stuff like that.