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First, you can not use any passive/active component in ADS momentum EM simulations Second, what is your intention to use finite ground underneath of the structure ?? Will it be covered by any GND environment ?? ?? Why not infinite ground ?? Third, there are many "close-in" ports, have you ever select calibration mode well ?? If the (...)
Hello, I am simulating on momentum/ADS 2012 a CPW transmission line with finite ground planes. I am wondering if my substrate is well defined. I selected : - for the top layer: strip layer (I define then two ports connected to the conductor and I associate to them their 4 ground ports (2 for each one)) - for the conduc
Hello, I'm actually designing a spiral inductor (gold) on a InP substrate scalable in a range from 0,1 to 1 nH with the smallest capacitance possible and there are a few questions I would like to ask you. 1 - I did the tutorial of the spiral inductor from HFSS and tried to apply the same method to a InP substrate. As far as I understand I d
Hi all, I am trying to simulate a structure in momentum, actually a Marchand balun. However, on the input and output ports, I need to place a longer traces so that the edge of the balun will not be too close to the edge of the ground plane (I draw ground plane and not using the bottom most metal as infinite ground). Thus, (...)
can you tell me the S parameter right or wrong?109773109774109775109776109777 - - - Updated - - - I think the impedance from S11 means Z11. Why the real part of Z11 is so large(2.000E9)
Yes, ports are among the most important EM topics and it is amazing how few tutorials are published on the underlying concepts. The choice of ground reference for the port is important, and port calibration can also be an issue. What is your application? For momentum, I have published a few RFIC/MMIC port appnotes h
I'm confused. MSUB is used for circuit simulation and not for EM. For momentum EM, materials are defined in the momentum substrate definition. You have not mentioned which ADS version you use, so I assume it is ADS 2011 or newer. Define the conductor material for your bottom ground plane in the substrate editor: Technology > Materi
If Sonnet is available, you'd better to use it.Or momentum.. FEM is not very healthy for planar circuits
Hi all, I am experiencing something in momentum S-param simulation results which seems strange to me. I am simulating a piece of metal on a 2-layer FR4 substrate to see its capacitance to the ground. I use a rectangular piece of metal (Cond) with no Cond2 on the bottom. I put two internal ports on two opposite sides of the rectangular and do
hi, i want to implement this antenna in ads 2011. how can i define ground plane in ads as shown in the paper? What is slot plane in ads momentum and what is its purpose?
Use momentum will cover your whole structure by a closed Perfect Conductor. For more information, read relevant help topics.
Hi, I am designing a CRLH unit cell with an interdigital capacitor and short circuited stub (with via to ground) in ADS momentum. I want to use this single unit cell as a matching part for my rectifier circuit ( as of now i am using a diode for simplification). Can someone help me in suggesting a way to find the impedance of the unit cell using
hi all, I ve been searching thru the similar threads, and I see that there is not a clear consensus on the way we can define the ports in momentum simulation setup for ads version 2011; (NOT the 2009 version). My question -however it may sound silly- is as follows with the figure below: In this figure the orange colored line is a thick top
Besides, it seems it requires the ground reference for an internal port should have an "infinite" ground metallic plate (refer: ). Since, this is possible in momentum and not in EMDS; thus, it seems I should N
Hello all, first post, hope it's an easy one to fix! I am trying to model a via thru a 4 layer PCB in momentum. I have port1, a trace on top layer, a via to bottom, then a trace to port 2. Simple. When I have a 3 layer construction (slot type ground, with a circular hole to clear the via) all is fine and dandy, but I'm not sure where to go
Is your software under Agilent support contract? They have some really good support guys in Belgium & Netherlands. My best guess as a non-momentum user is that the ports P1/P2 for the SMD are invalid because there is no ground below, as you mentioned. Every port needs to have signal (+) and ground (-). In your case, without a (...)
I don't think you need a 3d simulator to do this. momentum will help you. The ground layer will be infinitely spread. Place the coplanar waveguide structure on the substrate layer and put sufficient vias in the ground strip on cond layer and then do a simulation. Now by narrowing the width of the ground strip you can see (...)
1-why momentum(ADS) works with an infinite ground plane? The advantage is that these infinite planes (=boundary conditions) are available "for free", without having to mesh a "drawn" ground plane. This is more efficient for memory and simulation time. we can define a finite ground plane
Hello: I come to you guys with a question. I am designing and simulating a CPW structure in momentum ADS 2009. On the layer I am working on I have defined slot structure, so basically I place 2 slots that have between the conductor line and on the other side of each slot there are the "semi infinite GND planes " of the CPW structure. The ports
How to add chip resistor in microstrip antenna (which is to short ground plane and patch) in ADS????? Draw a resistive sheet in layout (layer resi) and include it in your momentum substrate definition, with the correspoding ohm/square sheet resistance. You can also use the TFR element if you prefer to auto-gen