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Hi,I'm using sonnet to simulate a mmic chip,the cell size is 5umx5um,while the solver displayed its needs 170GB memory ! I was using momentum to simulate it successful and only needs 22GB memory with 100cells/wavelength
hi i was trying to do an EM simulation in Agilent ADS Momemntum. After like 50 minutes it gave a warning and stopped. I have 2GB RAM, Core2Duo-2.2GHz. ERROR : memory allocation failure, no more virtual memory available! ------------------- momentum --------------------- Version: momentum MomEngine (...)
1-why momentum(ADS) works with an infinite ground plane? The advantage is that these infinite planes (=boundary conditions) are available "for free", without having to mesh a "drawn" ground plane. This is more efficient for memory and simulation time. we can define a finite ground plane
I simulated S-Parameter of many patch arrays using momentum than had a problem with time processing and memory. The process stopped because it was not enough memory (the memory is 1.5 G), If I reduced the mesh number, there was a warning which said my simulation would not be accurate. Is there any solutions instead of (...)
Hi, I'm using momentum runing some RF structure, but kept geting error messages: memory allocation failure, and claimed for more virtual memory!! But I have increase my memory to 2GB and the virtual memory to 4GB!! Does anyone here has the same issue?? how to handle with this situation?? Thanks, L2F
In terms of meshing, I think momentum is the best among the commercial 2.5D MoM codes. You should first precompute the mesh and see if it hangs. I doubt it is a memory problem. Please upload the layout for us to learn.