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hi all! I'm gonna use monte carlo analysis to find standard deviation for input Offset of a latched Comparator using icfb 5.10.41_USR5.90.69. the goal is to plot it against a voltage value called Common Mode Voltage. It is to some extent a parametric monte carlo analysis. But it seams (...)
Hi All, I have a question about the Cadence operation for the MC simulation for the BGR. Normally, we can specify a temperature and run the DC analysis of a BGR to get the historgram of Vref at this temperature. However, are we able to run the MC sim with different profiles at different temperatures at the mean time? For example, this is a measur
does any body know any way for doing it in cadence.What do you mean by "cadence" ? This thread title refers "spectre". So simply invoke montecarlo analysis of Cadence Spectre. See "spectre -h montercarlo". If you use Cadence Spectre in Cadence Virtuoso ADE, use ADE-XL not ADE-L.
MNA-MAT, a MATLAB based analog circuit simulation tool, uses Modified Nodal analysis to reduce a SPICE netlist to a system of equations which yield voltage at and current through specific points in the network. monte carlo analysis adds further functionality by evaluating possible uncertainties in real-world working (...)
Hello, I am running cadence virtuoso 6.1.5 and trying to sort out the monte carlo analysis for process variation and mismatch. I want to plot the gain vs frequency plot of a single-ended amplifier for 10 runs i.e. I want to see the 10 gain-curves in a graph window. The only option in EVAL TYPE in OUTPUT SETUP of the (...)
I think studying the spice model in analysis process then set parameter in spice program to more practical and proper for purpose . Pspice has monte carlo analysis option , But no 3D graphics result shown .
I have designed too many op amps and none of them have any issue with a wide range variations of supply voltage , temperature , corners of process , worst case pvt circumstances , etc . but the problem is the monte carlo analysis by which my op amps are all totally devastated .I know the monte carlo (...)
Hi all, I am trying to run monte carlo analysis on a variable, from veriloga model. I had initially done the implementation with cadence-spectre flow. below is the example of how it is achieved in cadence-spectre. I put it here, so i can explain clearly what I want. 1. included the following in verilogA model for the (...)
Dear all, I am trying to run the monte carlo analysis of the offset voltage of a comparator. For this, I am using the 'cross' function from Cadence calculator. The expression I use is the following one: cross(VDC("/OUT_SF") 0.9 0 "either" t "time"), where OUT_SF is the output of my comparator and 0.9 is my threshold value. Befo
I have used Synopsys Star RC tool to obtain a .spf file. My question is how to use that .spf file in HSPICE to perform monte carlo analysis? Thank you.
I have designed a low pass filter in cadence with cutoff frequency 50Hz. However when I do a monte carlo analysis it gives mean cutoff frequency as 80Hz. How is this possible.?? All the parameters are same?? Please help me to understand this. Thanks
monte carlo analysis is a statistical analysis perfomed on the components (here Mosfets_mac). The MC analysis predict the effect of randomly varying model parameters of the Mosfets_mac , category of Mosfets. Essentially , these categories of components contains model parameters with specified tolerances.
Perhaps this tutorial can be helpful: 123718 ... in monte carlo analysis-> in analysis variation why do we have process only, mismatch only and process and mismatch. Can someone pls tell whats the actual difference. See p. 15 of the above tutorial.
Hello, As you know, PVT simulation is process, voltage and temperature. About process simulation, you can use monte carlo simulation ( samples > 10). To voltage simulation, you will change voltage supply. For example, voltage supply is 3.3 V, you can run 3.2-3.4V and may be plus Vsin (noise). To temperature simulation, you can run 0-70 celcius.
Hi, From a sensitivity analysis following a process only monte carlo analysis, I have a variance contribution report showing that the main contributions to the noise figure of a Low-noise amplifier are due to the parameters xbpos, xncjcu and xndren. I am using the IBM process BiCMOS8HP and ADEXL (Spectre RF). Any one who (...)
please provide a netlist for full adder simulation with monte carlo analysis i am using 120 nm model. i want to do threshold voltage variation how can we come to know allowable variation for a particular technology say 120 nm thank you
Hi I just need to ask how to find standard deviation of the transition points of a flash ADC using a monte carlo simulation. Say numbero f runs is 100.
Hello, I'm working with TSMC 180nm and try to run Montre Calro Mismatch simulation. I can see the parameters variation of Porcess analysis but for Mismatch analysis there is no variation in parameters. I tried to check the variation of toxnmis or other parameters variation which are defined in mismatch section, but all parameters are 0 for all i
Hai all, Can anyone get me library fies for monte carlo analysis in mentor graphics. I'm using pyxis version 10.1.
What are the tolerances on the resistors? This will play a significant role and even more with temperature changes. You may have to do a worst case or a monte carlo analysis to see this.