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hi all! I'm gonna use monte carlo Analysis to find standard deviation for input Offset of a latched Comparator using icfb 5.10.41_USR5.90.69. the goal is to plot it against a voltage value called Common Mode Voltage. It is to some extent a parametric monte carlo analysis. But it seams this version cant sweep any (...)
Hello, I am running cadence virtuoso 6.1.5 and trying to sort out the monte carlo analysis for process variation and mismatch. I want to plot the gain vs frequency plot of a single-ended amplifier for 10 runs i.e. I want to see the 10 gain-curves in a graph window. The only option in EVAL TYPE in OUTPUT SETUP of the analysis remains fixed (...)
It will likely work close to your simulation results if you follow proper design procedures such as a good layout, heat sinking, and supply decoupling, but no guarantee. If you can, do some monte carlo simulation multiple runs to see how component variations (including supply voltage variation and offset) affects the amp performance (I (...)
Hi I just need to ask how to find standard deviation of the transition points of a flash ADC using a monte carlo simulation. Say numbero f runs is 100.
monte carlo simulations run on "statistically random distributed variables" so most sensitive expression against process variables will be much different than others.. That's exactly what you see what you get...
thanks for ur support .. sir but my problem is occuring with the cadence virtuoso tool ... where i have my extracted netlist but unable to run monte carlo simulation .
I need several different random signals to test my design. So I use rand_bit_stream in adhlLib. It does produce random signals. But what I want is I can control the randon signal. For examples, I need to do 100 runs of monte carlo simulation. I hope the input random signals for rhese 100 runs are same. Then i can change a (...)
I want to setup + or - n*sigma only in monte carlo hspice. See e.g. HSPICE? User Guide: Simulation and Analysis B-2008.09 , p. 318 . If you just want MC runs for e.g. -3σ and +3σ, you could use (for a transient analysis): .tran 10p 1n sweep sigma -3 3 6 .tran 10p 1n sweep monte=100
Im doing monte carlo simulation of a clocked comparator. I want to save some signal data into a text file. So I wrote a small veriloga file to save the output. there is no problem. But when I started running monte carlo, there were many many runs. So everytime when a new run starts, my saved data are (...)
For transistors that leave saturation across monte-carlo/corner runs imply that they have insufficient overdrive. For mismatch, the general rule of thumb is to use a higher L. For input pairs, you need a large gm. For current mirrors, you need a high overdrive.
Attached is monte carlo Analysis of Bode Gain in PSPICE 10.5. I am wondering why the gain jumps for 360 for some MCA runs? Thank you very much.
I designed an analog circuit and I am running monte carlo analysis. 1. How many monte carlo runs are assumed to be sufficient? 2. What of the minimum percentage of successful runs (runs with good results) to consider the circuit is OK?
hi everybody: i am trying to see the CMRR of my fully differential amplifier,i ran the monte carlo simulation,and get the cmrr simulation with 100 runs,which is the difference of maximum DM gain and maximum CM gain for each run,so for each run i get a cmrr value,and then a curve of CMRR VS 100 points.but i just want to see the histogram (...)
Hello all I have some question about hspice monte carlo tran simulation I need to start the simulation from the specific run (like a specific seed ...) f.e. in generall I need 100 runs of tran simulation (but that require too long time) may I in some way to run f.e. first 50 runs (standard run for .TRAN x y sweep (...)
hi guys, what 's the op for an AC simulation? I mean, when using spectre for ac simulation, different op means different gm etc. so before ac, simulator must know exact DC right? then another question, if I use monte-carlo ac simulation, will the dc varies as monte-carlo ac runs? or the dc will be (...)
Normally, a monte carlo simulation of 1000 runs can convince you about the performance of the designed amplifer which will fall within your design specification.
For doing the monte carlo analysis you need give the following information 1) which node you want to check (for example if you are checking for the offset in the comparator circuit then give the node name and the voltage at what point it has to be monitored) 2) Choose the number of runs as 100 3) Define the correlations if you (...)
a jolly hello to all! i've got a question about bandgap's TC and Vref. is it true that there is a correlation between TC and Vref. for example: you have 50 monte carlo runs, then you get 50 Vref values at 25 degress and 50 TC. now calculate the correlation coefficient between them. Someone told me if you get a high correlation value, (...)
You can use the monte-carlo option but it works only on the spice netlist preprocessing within Spectre. So within ADE you could not trigger different monte-carlo runs. I think in ADE there is no built random uniform/gaussian source. But you should be able to built them with Skill.
Thats not correct flatulent (wy the 1.005 factor). The offset is get by doing a monte carlo simulation of the ampop using matching parameters of the transistors for a given process. Use at least 100 runs. Other way is to account the matching of the input transistors and main other contributions from the other ones divided by the gain (...)
This is an information from Alcatel Made matching tech. note: ******************************************* How many monte carlo simulation runs are needed ? Error on the standard deviation as function of the number of monte carlo simulations: 35 runs for 25% accuracy with 95% (...)