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From tsmc manual, I find this "The designers will need to turn off (mismatchflag=0) or turn on (mismatchflag=1) in the macro model for nominal or monte-carlo analysis". Any idea, how can I turn it on?
i want to run a monte-carlo simulation for transistor mismatch in Hspice, i find this cod for monte-carlo simulation in hspice manual, .TRAN 1n 10n sweep monte=val .PARAM xx=GAUSS(nominal_val, rel_variation, sigma <,+ multiplier>) but i don't know the amount of rel_variation and (...)
Hi everyone, Has anyone had experience with post layout mismatch monte-carlo simulations with tsmc kit? I am using the 65nm process and is unable to perform the post layout mismatch simulation. I am able to do the mismatch simulation in schematic. However, when I tried to extract the parasitic capacitance using Calibre PEX, I have the (...)
Thanks for reading the question. I want simulating the monte-carlo simulation in tsmc process(65nm). But i want just mismatch factor(inner die or inner wafer variation) in the simulation, but don't want include the process skew - such as TT/SS/FF. When i look at the model parameter, it has several selection items but i cannot find what (...)
Hi, I'm using 130nm tsmc monte carlo simulation. In their rf013.scs file, there is a mc section for monte carlo. There is also nch_mis/pch_mis for mismatch nmos/pmos transistors. I'm just wondering what the purpose is for the mc section if I am using nch_mis/pch_mis cells in my netlist. Thanks. SC
Hi all, I need the model file of tsmc 90 rf for monte carlo analysis in Cadence (spectre) Can someone provide me with the information of where I can find it? Thank you in advance, Vasilis
Thanks, I'll have a look at monte carlo simulation. And, erikl, Thank you for you statistics file.
Dear all, I would like to run monte carlo Simulation in ADE cadence! tsmc 035um However when I run it showed this message: "mc1: Attempt to run monte carlo analysis with process and mismatch variations, but no variations were specified in statistics block." I dont know exactly how to do simulation! (...)
You have the tsmc 0.18 model card? It has monte carlo.
do i have to write model for candence monte carlo analysis?? as there is no statistical description in foundry file
you can get the monte carlo model from tsmc.
The models I've seen that have monte carlo data in them, usually there is a block within the model file just like corner block. You'll have to check with your CAD resources to make sure if monte data is valid
Hi ALL, I am using tsmc 0.18um Design Kit, and I didn't find a monte carlo (mc) section except for the transistors. Is this a common problem or u have a mc section for resistors and capactors ?? Thanks in advance
Hello ccw27, Can you tell me how to make monte-carlo model files if the foundry does not provide them?