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What are fringe conductance paths in mos transistors when you use them in a current mirror ? Lets say you have a Nmos with (10/2) and ng = 4 .
I was asked that there is a nmos with Vth=1V, gate voltage Vg=3V. One end of the nmos node B (source/drain) is connected with a small capacitor (almost instantly charged), and the other end node A (source/drain) is swept from 0V to 3V. Question: How is the voltage at node B changed as node A ramping from 0V to 3V? Thanks ahead for (...)
..more than .. just a guess MARKING CODE LIST P(2) * , ** , *** , ****,_=date code,Lot No. etc. PM RTL035N03 ROHM - TUMT6 6 2.5V drive N-ch mos fet for symbol : PM - - - Upda
Hi, You could use the 9v signal to control a mos fet transistor Gate via diode into a 3 sec Res/Cap time out, the relay would be in the Drain of the mosfet. Do you follow that OK.? E EDIT: This is one option, the LTSpice sim shows the level switch Opening but the relay remains energised for ~1 second, to increase the
1) You might just connect a fet as a mos diode and bias it with 1uA/square and pick off the voltage, if you can't find a .probe syntax that gives you the operating point value. The model parameter value won't change. 2) mobility drops meanwhile, so you have a foot-race sort of situation. Extrinsic resistances also rise. That's why we use simulat
I have a big power mos fet and Ron is about 50m ohm. The routing metal wires (metal 1/2/3/4..and via ) on the layout generate some parasitic resistance. I don't know how much the metal resistance could be. Is 5 mohm good estimation? (In my case 5 mohm is about 10% of the power fet Ron: 50mohm *10%=5 mohm) Thanks for your help!
... my question was, aren't these fet unidirectional? Can current flow from source to drain? These are mosfets, and all mosfets - due to their construction - have anti-parallel parasitic diodes, see the upper diode in their symbol's circle. So one of them is always "open" for the counter-direction current flo
There are of course some mos caps you could get, but they will go by other names. For example, fet-quad "passive" mixers are nothing but 4 zero-VT fets that are sized for ~ 1 ohm on resistance and the LO+, LO- terminals will be the two pairs of gates; the other terminals are sources / drains. You can also get discrete low- to (...)
That's how a classic DRAM memory works - capacitor storage cells with a mos transistor. Why not look at early DRAM designs? Also, sample-and-hold circuits are analogue 'memory' using capacitors and a fet to isolate them. The requirements are a low-leakage capacitor, a way to store, isolate and read your data, and probably recharge the capacitor a
As you understand flow of electron (major charge carrier in Nmos) is electrical current, basic equation of drain current in linear mode of mos is Id = W/L*Cox*mu*((Vgs-Vth)^2-(Vds^2)/2).
can any 1 tell why DC bias is required to operate mos transistor.
Power mosfet drivers or bridge drivers may do this but generally they are not so fast. At the 40V node, BJTs are good for less than 1GHz fT pretty much, and that's if you're really careful about preventing saturation. 40V mos is even slower. Anyway, I think I'd look at high side fet drivers or using a section of a (...)
hi every one i want to design a glucometer which is actually a PH sensor , using ISfet(ion sensitive fet) technology. i wanna do my simulations in COMSOL , so i read the help and could design a mos in COMSOL but in order to change a mos to an ISfet i need to change the insulator and add a membrane layer (...)
i wrote this tread in more than one department in the forum, but i don't know which one should i write in !!! I need a mos transistor with BW>3MHz and can drive a current ~ 20 A i am using IRF510 and it has BW =~ 20MHz but it can't drive current higher than 5A could you help me finding such a mosfet ??? and if yes, i need more than one (...)
Hai..friends from given picture 5v(20ms period) pwm wave converted to sinwave and which trigger mosfet to get 12v sinwave from 12v dc ,which is given to primary of transformer and o/p is 220v ac sinwave (20ms period). But how can i change amplitude of o/p by changing Pwm (what change required),without changing transfmr tapping. ......
Basically "RF models" and "Baseband models" are same mos fet. "RF models" are macro models for expressing parasitic effects which are important for RF applications. And generally special layout pcell for "RF models" are provided. However W and L of mos fets are limited for "RF models". And if (...)
hello can i use normal N-channel mos-fet instead of N-channel mos Type (π-mosVI) with the same specification (k2761 instead of 2SK3797 ) as i guess the only difference in this Zener between gate and source i read it is Improved electrostatic withstand between gate and source or should i put external zener and (...)
I think this diode will make the Nmos gate can be charged fast and discharged much slowly.
Hi All Why do BJTs have a better drive strength than Cmos transistors? Best Regards
The first 2 conditions are enough. The third one can be derived from the 2nd one. For example, in Nmos fet, the 2nd condition is Vd - Vs < Vg - Vs - Vth => Vd - Vg < -Vth. I don't know which page you got your equation from in the book. But you got the idea.