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Hi friends, I know the mos switch instances like pmos(),nmos() are not supported by xilinx ISE. But i need to use those in another way. How can i use. pls give me suggestions. Thanks in advance ... - - - Updated - - - And also i need one example program using if statement without using always blo
as tittle above, how do i do connection for the drive the mos switch by hpcl-3120. like which pin to the Gate of mos and drains, and what should i connect to the anode and cathode pins of the opto driver
hi, Does anybody can tell me what bias conditon of the LO switchpair should be ? Some body tell me that the LO switch pair should be biased at Vgs ≈Vth, and smaller than Vth. Do you think it is right or not? Thks. Vgs≈Vth or not is detemined by the mos size and current. NOT the bisa condition. In my o
C. Eichenburger, W. Guggenbuhl, ?On charge injection in analog mos switches and dummy switch compensation techniques,? IEEE Trans. on Circuits & Systems, vol. 37, no. 2, Feb. 1990, p. 256-264. Added after 18 minutes: C. Eichenberger, W. Guggenbuhl, ?Charge injection of analogue Cmos switches,? IEE Proc. G:
Split the cap into slices and switch them. switching caps is better because the mos resistance impact only the high frequencies. Sometimes it could compensate the parasitic pole of the opamp with the Rmos*C.
check your rule file. there is a switch about merge or not the mos size
avoid charge injection, you can use cmos switch and two phase clock, which Q1 Q2 and Q2', said Q2' is little more than Q2. And you can referece some paper or book about adc
S/H switch use "dummy mos" can really reduce charge injection , I ever use 1/2 size dummy mos siwtch , but simulation sitll have charge injection maybe small switch W/L reduce , and reduce parastic Cap for reduce clock feedthrough