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I recommend letting the uC drive a power mosfet driver IC (best, through some buffering that can break any ground loops) which can be had at multiple amps of output drive and take 12v easily.
This 60W to 72W watt load at half power will also dissipate 50% of the power in the mosfet. Not good. A slow rising pwm from 0 to 100% with 8 bit resolution might be better. with 12 V LEDs driven with a 30A mosfet for low drop voltage from logic gate levels. This might be done with 3 clocks. 1) a step clock 0.284Hz for 15 minutes 2) a (...)
There is no such device as a PIC16F62A so I'm assuming you mean a 16F627A or 16F628A which are almost identical to each other. 1. CCP1 (=RB3) is the pin producing pwm output. Use it to drive a transistor, preferably a mosfet in series with the 12v supply and fan motor. 2. Tricky if you use a potentiometer because the 16F62xA does not have (...)
I do not know an Arduino but I think it can easily produce pwm. A logic-level mosfet can be the amplifier. The pwm simply switches it on and off. The width of the pulses determines the brightness of the light bulb. Because the mosfet switches on with almost no voltage across it and switches off with no current in it then its (...)
The 7555 has very low output current. The 2.2k output resistor can drive an N-channel mosfet that can apply pwm speed control to the high current motor. pwm is an efficient way (very little current is wasted) to control the speed of a DC motor.
Hello dear edaboard members ; I'm really tired of getting the same error from proteus :( I have 48 to 12 V dc-dc converter pre-design(not completed to apply in real life) with UC2525 pwm regulator chip. My problem is when i am trying to drive to mosfet gates(IRFZ44N) pwm-A(pin-11) is nearly correct but pwm-B(pin-14) is (...)
Hi, thank you for a reply. I assumed V(BR)DSS is the maximum voltage between drain and source before mosfet fails. So supplying 9-15V to drain of IRF2804 would be ok? With gate voltage, I would need a device to have pwm voltage between 2 and 4V to meet the specification.
Hello experts In my project , I want control & display the speed of the Wiper Dc motor(12v,5v). For this I am using the PIC 16F877A and IRFP150n (mosfet). Now I control speed of the motor with help of pwm. I am using the proximity sensor to sense the speed.for my problem , how can get the speed with help of the proximity (...)
What? You want to control 4 motors separately with ONE circuit? 4 pwm signals into one H-Bridge??? This violates just about every law of electronics and common sense. And you, just as well as I, can search the web for information on circuits to do what you want. Look at mosfet manufacturers sites e.g., International Rectifier.
Hi TurkFebruary I know you can use a POT to adjust the speed, No it is not a good idea because it is pretty dissipative . any suggestions? If you want control it's speed you can easily use a 555 timer to create pwm and then apply it into a totem pole and then a mosfet or perhaps a darlington pair . and then using a s
Hi all, I am making an H bridge for a supply voltage range of 12v to 24V and a max current of 4A. The motor speed will be controlled by a pwm signal (>10kHz) provided by a PIC microcontroller. I noticed that for driving the gate people use gate drivers (because the gate has some capacitance and it needing more than 5V to fully switch on).
Hi, Im Driving two power mosfets (stp36nf06) using a SG3525ANG with a gate resistor, when I measure the Gate-Source voltage using the oscilloscope I get a perfect pwm of a peak-peak of 12v, but when I tried to measure the Drain-Source voltage I got a flat DC line at 12v with small spikes at the points its suppose to be (...)
You should start with a small capacity inverter, like 100W. Then scale it up for your required power. Start learning on the various blocks - pwm control section, feedback section, mosfet drive section, power stage, output filter, etc. Two very common pwm controllers you could take a look at are SG3525 and SG3524. You can find lots of (...)
You can use a dedicated boost controller chip, or you can design your own circuit using a common pwm controller such as UC3845 and a mosfet in a boost topology. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Yes! Would be good current if your voltage are good enough. lets say you use 12v. 12v/6 ohms= 2A of current but if you use 3 Volt (two Cells) it would become 500mA. Check for the maximum current that your solenoid can bear. pwm is a good technique and would work, keeping in mind. 1) mosfet should be connected (...)
i am doing a project of boost converter using zero voltage switching (ZVS), the overall schematic shown in figure below. am using timer 555 to generate pwm to trigger the mosfet, the frequency about 600hz, Vin = 12v, Vo=47.5v, duty cycle = 58%, so my problem is how to calculate the resonant components (L2,C5) to achieve the soft switching. (...)
Have a look at some pages. Its only about proper truth table
First of all you have to ensure the right biasing of mosfet it should be near to peak value of the mosfet ie.12v to 20 v according to its datasheet.secondly add snubber across mosfet to protect it against back EMF. I hope it will solve your problem
Yes, you can use pwm to control this motor. To control the speed only, you can use one mosfet/BJT to control the motor. To control the direction as well, you need to implement a full-bridge circuit. At this power level, I'd recommend that you use a mosfet. What is the frequency of pwm that you are going to use? You can use (...)