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Dear All, I download and add the pspice model of the ir2113 and some other in the ir21xx family. In the model, there is a COMP subcircuit. What is this? When I simulate my circuit I encounter with the bellowing error: "There are not data values in section number 1" (...)
hi i am finding a text that describe model mosfet and capacitance in it ,that uses in pspice? where i can find?it should be documentary, a sample of model a mosfet. 121845 capacitance of mosfet 121846 i am searching help (...)
If you are looking for Discrete semiconductor like Diode, IGBT, mosfet BJT etc and some general purpose devices like Opamp, Voltage regulators etc, one can use pspice model Editor. In this tool you can directly put value from datasheet to generate Spice model. If you are using 16.6 - with (...)
From the netlist, there are no connections to M2. So, perhaps the problem is not with the resistor but with the mosfet which does not appear in the netlist. Perhaps check your library and make sure M2 is found and it is correct.
This is SiC mosfet and I don't think you would get readily available SPICE model for this device. You may want to try developing model using pspice model Editor by putting various characteristics and extracting model (...)
They are models of increasing complexity to better represent true mosfet behaviours. LEVEL refers to the mosfet model that describes the terminal I-V characteristics of the transistors. LEVEL 1 is the simplest mosfet model and is in general sufficient (...)
You need to set this manually. Try placing mosfet from breakout library and Do edit model from schematic and define various model parameter. I guess you are new to simulation and modeling so first you need to out about this (...)
1. You need to save the spi file as .lib 2. In pspice configuration files, add this lib file under the Library Files option 3. Edit properties of your mosfet instance in the Capture design, and change the property value for pspice model. Enter the new model name as the (...)
If Clare doesn't have one it's unlikely you will find a Spice model for that elsewhere. You many just have to do your own macromodel based upon the operation of the relay, usually consisting of a opto isolator and a mosfet or TRIAC output.
Hi, Is it possible to simulate SOI mosfets with pspice using Berkeley`s BSIM SOI model Cards BSIMSOI Homepage - Example Circuits . Thanks
Hi Friends, I want to simulate my circuit in Orcad pspice. I did not find the library for the component(STE53NC50 mosfet) i am using. Can any body help me how to create the pspice model for this part or can some body share me the library if already used. Thanks and Regards, (...)
Hi. I'm designing a buck regulator. I'm using IR2110 to drive high side mosfet as switch and low side mosfet as a freewheeling diode. schematic is attached. when I run it on pspice the message come "there are no data values in section 1. ignoring this section". and output (...)
What kind of situation lead to this question? What's the special application? Hi, For the SPICE model of mosfet, How can I define the LAMBDA as a gate voltage dependent parameter? Thank you so much, I am using both pspice and NGSPICE. Best, KUI
Can anyone show me how to make these models: P-mosfet:AO3423 N-mosfet:AO3424 LED: SFH4231 and photo transistor: PT501 I would like to learn how to create pspice model base on datasheet. For example: where to look for parameters: IS, N, RB, PHI, GAMMA, DELTA, (...)
Hello: I want to change some characteristics of a mosfet that come in the Sedra pspice library, how do I make that?. I supose the right way is editing the model and changing the values. The problem is that there are way more parametres than those I know. I only want to change K,Vt from : ID= K * (...)
Can someone help me with a lumped element model of a N-Channel Depletion Mode mosfet? One that doesn't have the body diodes in it (being used as a switch). If someone can post the schematic or a drawing it would be greatly appreciated. I found this one and I guess I can just remove the diodes. I would be shorting the (...)
I am trying to do a school project about comparators. and I have to use 0.25uspice parameters. But when I try to simulate it with pspice AD Lite Edition I am facing with this error ERROR -- Invalid model Level for mosfet CMOSN ERROR -- Invalid model Level for mosfet (...)
A mosfet part has 4 nodes, you're only connecting three to the P_33 instances, probably an incorrect symbol. Of course P_33 must be present in the library, did you check?
Thank you erikl, so if I well understand the nmos and pmos are ideal mosfet and they don't follow the model bisim 3, is it true? Yes, they use the mos2 spectre model. How can i change the model of this (...)
Hello, i'm having problems to probe the pspice model of a RF mosfet. the mosfet is : ARF446AB froam Microsemi( ). In their site they post a pspice model for their transistors.The model for this one is: ********** *SRC=ARF446;ARF446A/B;mosfets N;Power (...)