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Step 3) Gate driving! I'm driving the mosfets using couple of logic gates. Wonder how you'll achieve it because pure NMOS switches require gate voltage above Vout, in other words an auxiliary power supply. Most charge pump converters are using CMOS switch topology to avoid it.
Input - 230Vac (15% tolerance), 50 Hz Output- 24V, 0.5A Device used- NCP1014AP06 (in built mosfet of 700V & controller 65 KHz freq.) want to know ceramic or film capacitor to be used for clamp & for snubber. Here I am concerned with clamp now (for NCP1014AP06) but also want to know capacitor type for snubber. Flyback topology (...)
Hi, I have to implement the 20ms ,50W Hold up circuit in my design.The voltage is 12V.Based on this, I implemented the mosfet with 220mF capacitor based Hold up circuit.While simulating the circuit,the cathode of D1 waveform is different from capacitor output.Altenatively,If I replace the diode instead of mosfet,Im (...)
To understand about saturation effects, we should know the core type and flux in regular operation. A push-pull transformer without any clamping or snubber might drive the mosfet into avalanche breakdown in regular operation. Inrush current during output capacitor charging will cause respectively higher avalanche energy which might be sufficient
hi, On a simple circuit like that I would use a low value resistor in series with the Source connection of the mosfet. Sense the voltage drop across the resistor using say a LM393 comparator. Add a resistor/capacitor filter on the input or the output of the comparator that connects to the sensing control On/Off. E
Hi, I don't like the direct connection of a capacitor on a mosfet switching signal. I think a 10 Ohms series resistor is useful. Klaus
Kindly anybody share circuit of mosfet based constant current.?
Hi, I assume high voltage spikes cause the fail. (Caused by wiring and stray inductance) Therefore we need to see your PCB layout. GND plane. Urgent for high speed high current switching. And there is no capacitor at 12V line. You need at least one low ESR bulk capacitor and I recommend an additional fast capacitor at each (...)
Rg sets the gate at 0VDC. The current source between the negative supply and the source sets the mosfet bias and current. The drawing is wrong because the source will not be 0V but it will be some negative voltage for an enhancement mosfet. when the source has the same voltage as the gate then the mosfet is turned on as hard as it can go (...)
Dear All, i am trying to simulate following circuit. When i switch on the mosfet momentarily at zero crossing of the Iin, and measure voltage across the capacitor(C1), am i not supposed to get response resembling a square wave? I think momentarily switching the inductor at zero crossing of Iin, should flip the voltage across C1 and i should get
I design Synchronous Buck Controller with tps40304 switching frequency 600kHz. TI software proposed use on high side 2x CSD16323Q3 low side 2x CSD18503Q5A This mosfet have Ultra-Low Qg and Qgd unfortunately Continuous Drai
Hi Guys, Long story short, I have an Active clamp forward supply. I have two different mosfet's I am currently using: But when I use:
Thanks for your help I changed my circuit. However, this error yet exist. 125564 How I can change time step and insert bootstrap diode? - - - Updated - - - Excuse me I changed my circuit to this and error was solved 125565 But when the PWM is '1' (=when LIN=
I am using the following circuit but I am unable to simulate it. I am trying to protect inrush currect when the P Channel mosfet goes ON and the supply is given to the load. Am I doing it right way.... I am unable to figure out how this works... or for that matter if it is even working. I do get the required voltage but not sure how it helps
Hi I am trying to drive an SCR using a pulse transformer with the following got an MCU to swtich the mosfets are about 1 second interval repeated the total current to the transformer is about 200mA but there is no voltage on the output side. I am using a 1:1 7860
Hi! I have a hard switched mosfet bridge connected to a 12V 48Ah battery through 30cm long cables. There is a single 1uf film capacitor on the PCB connected across the power rails. The cables will have self inductance that calculates to 300nH - 500nH approximately. The combination of capacitor and stray cable inductance should give a (...)
I got my simulation to work on multisim but would need to build the actual smps. The microcontroller I'm using is only capable of outputting 5V. I would need it to be 18V like it works at in my simulation. Is there a way to get the voltage up so it can drive the gate of my mosfet? I've thought about using a gate driver ic but don't know what to buy
Hello, I am testing a build High Side driver made from N mosfets and IR25601. The side I am trying to turn on looks like this: 119767 On the schematic I have showed which state the driver is in (HIN and LIN inputs) and the voltage drops from this state. I am trying to turn on the top mosfet. In order to do that I have
I want to couple a mosfet to a microstrip line and use it as variable capacitor by varying Vgs.But I don't know how to start with the circuit.Can any body guide me?