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Guess what? The fan will not keep the mosfets cool. It will keep their temperature lower than without the fan but they will still get hot. Guess what? The Rds rises as the mosfets get hotter that increases the Rds more that increases the temperature more that increases Rds more that increases the temperature more.... thermal (...)
I need help in editing/merging the code for PIC12F675.I have two codes 1. Ultrasonic driver for anti fouling of boats 2. mosfet Heater fan speed Control The second one is a PWM controller The first generates a burst tone swept between 19.08kHz to 41.66kHz with a pause. How do I lower the range to 1KHz to 15 or 20KHz without any pause at 3 cycl
There is no such device as a PIC16F62A so I'm assuming you mean a 16F627A or 16F628A which are almost identical to each other. 1. CCP1 (=RB3) is the pin producing PWM output. Use it to drive a transistor, preferably a mosfet in series with the 12V supply and fan motor. 2. Tricky if you use a potentiometer because the 16F62xA does not have an ADC
If you mean an N-channel mosfet in the low voltage (ground side) of the fan, connect is source to ground, drain to the fan and gate to source through a 10K resistor. The connect the optocoupler emitter to the gate and it''s collector throgh a 1K resistor to +12V. No capacitor is needed. It might be useful to connect a diode across the (...)
make a drive... by varying frequency you can control the speed u can use pwm ic like SG2535 IC or microcntroller and use igbt or mosfet for h bridge inverter. also try with triac.. ceiling fan speed is controlled by Triac
most likly the controller not able to source that much current ideal for motor to run.. apply the schematics first...
i want to switch on and off a dc fan using mosfet depending upon lm35 output. so i build the below circuit, but it does not work. can some one please tell what i am doing wrong? op amp pin 2 is at 0.25v and pin 3 at 0.32v R11 is not connected. VCC is 12v 106839
Most home ups have a cooling fan which will keep the mosfet's cool. Computer ups dont have this option. Not only transformer the whole system(computer ups) was designed to work only for few minutes (say 20 to 30).
I used IRF840 instead of the shown mosfet but the mosfet is heating up after a few seconds. ( I am driving an exhaust fan)
Hi, thank you for a reply. I assumed V(BR)DSS is the maximum voltage between drain and source before mosfet fails. So supplying 9-15V to drain of IRF2804 would be ok? With gate voltage, I would need a device to have PWM voltage between 2 and 4V to meet the specification.
Hello I have one device and I want to control its temperature constant between 20 to 35 degree. so, please suggest me, how to make temperature controller using mosfet and coil. I am using 89c51 controller. again how to choose temperature sensor? what is way again to cool the device?
I am trying to use 4 mosfet tansistor to build a H-bridge to control the motor. The input voltage should be 12V and 1A. Can any one suggest which mosfet transistor is suitable for the circuit. Thanks 97961
First of all check how much current is required for the fan. Then choose a mosfet as a switch controlled by the microcontroller to give the power supply to the fan. Sometimes the mosfet might need an external driver, because of higher threshold voltage and if isolation is needed between mosfet and uC since (...)
looking in your LL110 datasheet, it shows Vgs = 5V. If your microcontroller output is +5v, then only it switches the mosfet compelety ON. So i recommend you to use a npn transistor and mosfet to power up the fan. connect output from uC pin to base of NPN transistor with a series resistor, and more than 5V(say about +6V) to collector, and (...)
Hi all I have the mobo GA-8N-SLI-royal and i would like a help. The problem: I connect the 24 power supply connector, the ATX 12V 4 pins connector, and the 12V/5V 4 pins connector. I took off the CPU and all the RAM's, I/O cables etc. The CPU fan blower in connected. Then i push the power button and the Q23 (mosfet K3918) starts boiling the
Probably turn off is too slow, which makes for large currents and large Vds on the mosfet, hence lots of dissipated power in the device.
How many phases are there in your motor? You can drive your BLDC by a microcontroller and a power electronic circuitry its no doubt but only if you microcontroller is generating suitable pulses . The name BLDC ia a misnomer as it is said it need electronic communtation you are providing electronic commutation by your pic. It is said as BLDC becaus
I am using ccs compiler. an example. //this is a little test PWM program to drive a DC fan. // the fan allready has some control circuit built into it. //I susspect it has PIC and mosfet controlling it. //Some have been failing on site so I need to test it in the workshop. //The fan manufacturers specified the (...)
Hello, I beg to know what is the maximum dissipation (Watts) of a TO220 or TO247 mosfet attached to a heatsink of any size , where a fan is NOT needed? In other words, what is the dissipation level in a mosfet, where any size increase of heatsink provides no further cooling improvement , and a fan becomes necessary? (...)
i am designing a nand, nor, etc logic circuits(mosfet) using cadence @ 32nm technology.what should be the appropriate capacitive load that i have to use corresponding to fan out of 1?..............please give some links to read about this