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Slow switching and risk of damaging the PIC output driver by driving four parallel mosfets. Use a gate driver circuit. Static conduction losses with 15A load are about 0.5W per mosfet, results in about 30K overtemperature, warm but not very hot. Switching losses can play a role.
Guess what? The fan will not keep the mosfets cool. It will keep their temperature lower than without the fan but they will still get hot. Guess what? The Rds rises as the mosfets get hotter that increases the Rds more that increases the temperature more that increases Rds more that increases the temperature more.... thermal (...)
tox is width of oxide ,leff=effective length of mosfet? whats equation(relation) between Leff and tox in mosfet structure? in variety technology like .5 um ,.25 um,.11 um . please help me?:oops:
When designing for thermal requirements, thermal data relates to the steady state final value. e.g. the junction temp of a mosfet will eventually (theoretically) reach 305degC when dissipating 100 Watts with a 2degC/W heat-sink (Ta 25degC, Rth-jc 0.4degC/W and Rth-cs of 0.4degC/w). Clearly this Tj will kill the device... I am designing a circuit
We do not know your battery voltage. We do not know if the inverter will be crude squarewave, fairly crude modified sinewave or pure sinewave. We also do not know its PWM frequency. You forgot to tell us how you will cool the mosfets. You cannot assume no losses because it is the losses that make the mosfets so darn hot!
I do not know an Arduino but I think it can easily produce PWM. A logic-level mosfet can be the amplifier. The PWM simply switches it on and off. The width of the pulses determines the brightness of the light bulb. Because the mosfet switches on with almost no voltage across it and switches off with no current in it then its heating (voltage times
IR2110 getting demaged in full bridge inverter with mosfet and Arduino Hi everyone! I've been in the forum for a while, reading and analysing the posts much more than posting, trying to find threads were the solved problems are similar to mine... In many situations I've found answers to my questions, but this time it didn't happened, so I'm
I am not able to give you the circuit becuase my proteus is does not has the components I am suing,but I have the PIC 16f1827 whith which I am outputting a square wave which passes into the driver ICL7667 and then those the output of the drive go to the gate of the mosfet ,but the mosfet are becoming very hot,so I am asking if there is any i
Hello there can anyone help me to control my H_Bridge switching at 20Khz and 50Hz,using 20Khz as carrier signal of 50Hz; here below is my circuit but when I apply it to the mosfet making an H_Bridge the mosfet became very hot so they can be damaged. please help. Hi jean12 The problem is so simple ! you didn't use any dead time for
I am working on pure sine wave inverter . i have finished frst par ( 12v DC to 300 Dc ) in second part i have used ir2101 to derive 4 irf840 ,switching freq 16 khz . but mosfets get too much hot and burnt ... any help ???? should i change driver ic ??? mosfett or what changing should i adapt . i hav used Capacitor of 33uf any help plz ?
Hello every body,can somebody please help me to generate the SPWM signal at high frequency (28KHz) which I have to use for controlling an H-Bridge made up by mosfet in DC-AC Converters. I read Tahmid's blog but the frequency of the signals Which I am generating are making the mosfet very hot because I replaced the board which was used (...)
Hi I use five TC4428 for driving ten IRFZ44N. I want to use it for 5phase step motor. VDD of TC4428 =12v Input voltage for TC4428 from Micro controller is 5 volts and 0 . voltage of motor is 12 volts. My problem is that the high side mosfet get so hot but the low side mosfet is normal. Step motor can turn . I think that high (...)
I am working on IPD90R1K2C3 mosfet in the DC-DC converters. The mosfet withstand upto with 900V and 150 degrees. But, I am supplying 40V to the input of the circuit and the mosfet getting too much hot which nearly equal to the 150 degrees and above, so that the mosfet's are broken. So, please can you give me (...)
Everything worked great, there was some speed drop, but not as bad as the resistor we were using. The p-mosfet does get very hot (smoking) with stalls longer than ~10 seconds. That's by nature of the circuit. It either needs a sufficient transistor heatsink or a mechanism to shutdown the output current after a delay.
Also, what kind of power output can i expect from this kind of a converter? mosfet gets hot at about 2-3W already. For higher output power, you'll need an inductor with higher current rating. It clearly starts to saturate in the second waveform. The source resistor that hasn't a circuit function can be reduced.
Hi The following is part of the datasheet of k3296 what the meaning of PT1 and PT2 and why that big difference (1.5 and 40 watt) thanks
As others have implied, that mosfet has almost nothing to cool it. As it is, it can probably only dissipate 1-2W without exceeding its SOA. You need a FET with a better heatsink. For a flyback converter like this, the FET shouldn't dissipate more than maybe %10 of the input power. If it's dissipating more, then something is wrong with the cir
What goldsmith is pointing out is that in this kind of circuit you want the mosfet to switch fully on or fully off without spending time in the transition between them. If fully off, no current flows so the the power (V*I) is V * 0 = 0, when fully on the current is high but the voltage is very low so the power is I * 0 = 0. If you slow down the r
Read datasheet of mosfet to see working temp and amperage. 200A is to high for that single package. Maybe you need paralleling multiple of mosfets. In datasheet given power (amperage) is at 25C of working temp, see temp/amperage curve in datasheet. Its very difficult to stay at this level of temperature for such high amperage. Make calc for
Hi every one, I have just built a 40V, 5A, Maximum Power Point Tracker, using a buck topology, and it works considerably well, especially for low sun conditions. I used P mosfet for the switching, and complimentary transistors (BC639 and BC640) as the mosfet gate driver. My problem the mosfet gets very hot at mid (...)
I am currently having a self study in repairing computer motherboards. I just have some few questions to ask you and I am hoping you can help me nurture my confuse mind. Here are the questions: 1.) What is the usual hot air rework station (Air - Heat) settings in DESOLDERING: a.) N-Channel Mos fets in VRM block? b.) Integrated
Dear Forum, I have a problem with the microcontroller 18f4550. I use its PWM for controlling a driver mosfet (IR2301 ), and it goes to the boost converter mosfet. The output of the PIC should be 5Volt DC 150kHz 70% Dutycycle. I tes
Do both mosfet get destroyed or just one? Do the unfunctioning boards generate the proper voltage for 2-3 minutes before failure? If you replace the mosfets and run the boards for 30 secs, is the output voltage OK? Are the mosfets running hot? Do the mosfets in the good board run at a different (...)
Dear All I construct a UPS. I use the Power mosfet with replacement of Transistor. When UPS in UPS Mode, the UPS works OK. But when UPS in charging Mode the mosfet are getting very hot. Why???? Can anyone help me in this problem. Thanks in advance. Javed
How did you connect the diodes? And what is the frequency that you drive PWM with? I have design with single mosfet and I can put on motors that "suck" 5 amps and FET doesn't even get warm.
in power supply, inproperly driven mosfets sometimes have small shoot through. Not observable on main power supply because surge current is supplied by decoupling cap but mosfet will be hot. If you monitor the current via current probe by inserting a wire between cap and mosfet, you can see it on scope. Not much can be (...)
you must use some kind of level translation for the upper part of the bridge like bootstrap or similar. The upper mosfets will be hot if they are not opened completely but working in linear region Greetings Dragan
Hi all, Need to know if is there need to use equalizer resistors (0R1-5W or less) when paralleling N-channel Power mosfet transistors like IRF46N? Regards, Fernando
You most likely fry your mosfets since they are all conducting at some moment in time during your PWM signal !!!.. Paul.
I have a mosfet that controls a dc motor. Without snubber, mosfet gets hotter and hotter. With a diode snubber, this time diode gets hot. I used a slow diode. I'll also try a fast diode but i wonder that does snubber helps to reduce the dissipated power or does it take it from mosfet onto (...)
I know 2 application of bootstrap: 1.mos gate driver for switched mode power supplies which drives high side switches (mosfet or IGBT). they are usually fabricated in special HV proccess. 2.driving high swing NMOS transistors in switched cap ckts like sigma delta modulators or pipelined A/D. what is your application? what do u mean by hot swi
in fact,you problem is not so easy.but if you want low power dispension,maybe mosfet is the only can use four 20V 0.005 oum mosfet parallel,get a very low instance, only about 1W dispension,and four SO8 chip mosfet can work well with about 30 degree temprature warry about others,if you find a error in one power modle,you should shut