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Fatal Error : Missing mosfet model definition for "NMOS25" : Referenced by device(s): : MNMOS_2_5v_1 Fatal Error : Missing mosfet model definition for "PMOS25" : Referenced by device(s): : MPMOS_2_5v_1 already try this procedure too Follow these steps: Go to setup-->Spice simulation Select General on the left pane.Under Files and Direc
Hi friends i am using dspic30f2010 with 12.288MHz for invertor application for that i am generating 8.9khz pwm frequncy. i am using PWM1L pin for postive half cycle of the sinewave and PWM2L pin for Negative half cycle of the sinewave and it is connected to individual mosfet and PWM1H pin and PWM2H is connected to battery vcc and mosfet in (...)
i am using sin pwm of 12kHz with 50hz sine wave, my problem is , i got pwm , but when i connected to H bridge of mosfet (IRFP150) , the DC supply(40v) geting shorted. i am using bipolar switching ---------- Post added at 14:09 ---------- Previous post was at 13:18 ---------- nw i connected 50Ω.25w resi
Hello Friends I am Trying to make induction heater but i have not any large experience in electronics So i want to ask you few questions. 1: I m thinking to use IC CD4047 to produce frequency in range of 70-200 kHz this IC capable to produce frequency such like this ??? 2: For mosfet driving I m thinking to use IR
Hi, One method would be to use an inductor and mosfet configured in boost mode to step up the voltage to +300v or thereabouts and then use an H-bridge converter to convert this back to AC. However, I would not recommend this as you have high peak currents, you need to use high voltage mosfet/IGBT meaning that they will have higher Rds(on) and thu
what is the power?, normally use heat sink with mosfet not with transformer, give your application details and transformer type
use a P- Channel mosfet on the top of invertor ans then see the results switching signal will be complement
use a full bridge mosfet ckt. if you turn one transistor in top arm and other in diagonal arm current will flow in the load in one dir. switch the other two devises and the current will flow in reverse direction. refer to any power electronic book and see the invertor section. hock
Hi, The W/L of min size mosfet will always be one, without any dependence on the technology. What do you mean by the output resistance of the CMOS???? Regards, Shohdy