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yes it is true I don't know this code syntax, but ... doesn't the (ave(v."drain") expression need min/max limits for the average calculation? And why don't simply take the intercept of the curve itself (instead of its maxslope) with a self-defined threshold current value? this code is in exam
Hi everyone, Can someone give me some references or literature name where I can learn about new bandgap topologies (or the traditional ones) but using mosfets in subthreshold? Regards.
If it is possible to guide me toward some existing MATLAB script (code) for mosfet Id-Vgs characteristics (subthreshold) All i was able to find is the Id-Vds (linear and saturation regions ) Thank you all in advance
Hello All, As the title stated, Can mosfet in sub-threshold work as a switch? I looked at EKV model and I found only one model for the mosfet where the drain current is exponential of Vgs with of course other parameters. So, I guess we can't bias the mosfet working in sub-threshold to work as a switch, on-off, i.e there is no triod (...)
Hi all, I am trying to use a simple circuit to probe the VGS behavior of a subthreshold operating mosfet in temperature domain to validate the subthreshold models. I am trying to use either floating gate or gate-source connected mosfets to operate in subthreshold region in the entire temperature range (...)
Can we intentionally design& use mosfet'sin subthreshold region in a circuit(whatever the circuit)? Because in subthreshold region , we can get high gm/id? Is there any drawbacks, ofcourse slow in speed?
Hi i designed an analog multiplier. I found a lot of works on subthreshold and saturation mostly as compared to triode region. In general why not in triode region. What are the general disadvantages regardless of the multiplier circuit design. Becoz if multiplier is required to have a linear operation then triode region provides that linearity wh
May I know the equation of the drain current for mosfet in subthreshold region. As I know it has some exponential inside the eqn, but i could get it in any sources.
Just to put a little more theory to this discussion - in the subthreshold region, source/drain current in a mosfet is described by the following functional relationship with threshold voltage Vt: Ids ~ exp = exp where e is electron charge, Vg is the gate voltage, Vt is the threshold voltage, k is the Boltz
I'm trying to design an ADC in subthreshold region of operation of the mosfet. It should consume least amount of power. I searched the web and found ADC types - SAR, Wilkinson, Dual-slope, ∑-Δ, Flash, etc. I also found a paper entitled "An 8-Bit Single-Ended Ultra-Low-Power SAR ADC With a Novel DAC Switching Method and a Counter-Ba
Hi all, When operating in saturation, subthreshold, or weak inversion, which mosfet type has lower flicker noise: enhancement-mode or depletion-mode? Intuitively, the depletion FET should have lower flicker noise because the E-field within the gate oxide pushes carriers away from interfacial traps at the surface. Is there any data or other solid
... whether it is in SATURATION or subthreshold region. subthreshold is not a region, but an operation mode. A mosfet can be operated in subthreshold mode (Vgs < vth) and simultaneously in SATURATION region (Vds > Vds,sat).
hello i am trying to make a double gate mosfet 32nm through atlas i have made the code and i am getting basic current equation but i am facing problems in extracting the subthreshold slope can anyone help me please i really need some guidance whatever i have made i have done it with help of examples
How to represent mosfet in triode and sub threshold region. like self cascode transistor one transistor is in saturation and another once will be in the triode region . i want to calculate output resistance and effective trans-conductance of self cascode mosfet. can any give the brief note about this topic. thank you
subthreshold (or weak inversion) actually isn't a region of a mosfet's output characteristic like off, linear = triode, saturation or breakdown region - which are identified by a Cadence ADE analysis, (together with No.3=subthreshold) - but much more an operation mode, classified by the deg
Hello, Could anyone give me the model for weak inversion mosfet subthreshold?
Hi All, When I design a current starved low power ring osc, I find the frequency goes up with the temperature increasing and it is quite different from my previous experiences. After careful investigation ,I find the mosfet is working in sub-threshold region, and so it switches from sub-threshold region to off region during stable osci
... So I suspect there are some drawbacks comparing with standard-Vth mosfet. could you give me a sense? Low-Vth mosfets in "off" mode actually are still in weak inversion aka subthreshold mode, which means they have substantial leakage currents, considerably higher than standard-Vth mosfets. So in or
Hi All, Is applying the small-signal model for the mosfet transistor that operates in subthreshold region correct? Are ?gm? and ?rO" values or equations in subthreshold region as saturation region??????? Please help me?
In Cadence virtuoso 6.1.4, mosfets are present in gpdk180 library. can anyone say me whether these mosfets conducts in subthreshold reigon ? i need a mosfet with low power consumption. in which library wil i get ?. what are te latest libraries which are advanced in technology .