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Hi for a mosfet say nmos the transconductance is given as gm=Id/VGS and the output resistance (channel resistor) ro= Id/VDS. Also while calculating voltage gain of nmos it was given to be Av=VD/ VGS. My questions are 1) taking gm=Id/VGS means the change in drain current as VGS changes. But then the drain current also changes here when VDS
Hi i know translinear principle is nothing but the relation of transconductance and the collector current and also mosfet in the sub threshold region have a linear behaviour. So my doubt i am not able to find if a topology of transistors build is in the translinear closed loop. Will transistor only in closed loop form the translinear network???? Al
Maybe you are thinking about an ordinary transistor saturation and linear. A mosfet is the opposite: 1) It is turned on hard like a switch when it is a linear resistor. 2) It is an amplifier with plenty of drain to source voltage when it is saturated.
Shorting Gate and Drain will bias the mosfet into a "diode" connection, Vgs=Vds ; i.e. there will be no gain between input and output. With a high resistance between drain & gate you can have gain.
Can anyone help me to provide to find parasitic capacitances Cgd,Cgs, Cgg, etc and transconductance of mosfet using hspice? i need the command to use during analysis in hspice synopsys...
It depends to your application. In overall intrinstic gain of mosfet increasing with Vds, but for lateral electric fields in channel higher than 0.8MV/m in nmos, the electrons velocity start to saturate, decreasing a transconductance and other "hot carrier effects" becomes to be significant. For holes the coresponding electric field has value of 1
Hello everyone, I want to calculate the transconductance gm of a mosfet in ADS (Advanced Design System). I used equation gm = diff(I_drain,VGS) but it didn't work. ADS displayed the error: While evaluating "gm": left operand: ee_boolparameter value required Can anyone help me?
YES, you can use a scope as a curve tracer to measure the current gain in a transistor or the voltage gain in a FET or the transconductance of a mosfet. Simply use series resistor on emitter to monitor current and display as Channel 1 and Voltage as Channel 2 and use scope in XY mode to see the input versus output. Remember transistors are curr
Hi! I need to plot transconductance(gm) of a mosfet(NMOS) in LTSPICE. Any idea how to do it? I am using TSMC 0.18um technology file. Also I need to observe gm upto 5 figures of precision. Please help me with that too... Right now I can view gm using dc operating point (.op) and going to Menu Bar->View->Spice Error Log (screenshot attached) and
Hi below image show the Simple CS transistor model with the transconductance nonlinearity and output conductance below equation is KCL at drain , I cant understand 4th part of this equation, please explain me how it dr
hi Do you know the relationship between transconductance (u*Cox) parameter and technology? In other words how does change that parameter for a mosfet in .25 micron to 0.18micron? Regards
Hi, I am new to this filed on analog design. I am reading the book by Behzad Razavi on "Design of Analog CMOS Integradted Circuits" While reading on mosfets, I encountered an equation for transconductance which says that : gm = 2 * Id / Vgs - Vth .Its explanation states that Transcondutance decreses with overdrive (Vgs - Vth) when Id is co
Hi everybody, How to calculate IGBT "ON Resistance". I am using SGP23N60UFD in my design. In mosfet parameter(Rdson) is there for "ON Resistance". In SGP23N60UFD data sheet no where such parameter is not mentioned. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
Hello everyone, I am confused how can i plot the operation point parameters with sweep variable in Spectre? For example, how to plot transconductance of a mosfet versus Vgs? Thank you so much As i know, use the belowing: set vgs as a variable, sweep vgs, set plot as OP("/M0","gm")
What are you doing? You can use your mosfet switch to limit the inrush current. Look up mosfet transconductance, for a given Vgs a mosfet will allow a certain Ids. The reason there is an inrush is because when you first flip the switch to your SMPS the bulk input capacitor is discharged the inrush current is the (...)
Hi!Why 'gate width' is important in amplifier or mosfet? large gate width or small gate width which is good and why? THS! -CQCQ
mosfet Pdf file. You gothrough this file fully you can get an idea about your question
Mr.venkat3271 for ur kind information the drain current Id of a mosfet depends on the effective voltage.... please do refer some material on mosfet.....
In CMOS Process, ONO layer is known as reoxidized nitrided oxide. This layer was repleaced with SiO2, especially gate oxide of mosfet. it is said that Deep submicron mosfet with ONO gate dielectrics was superior to the mosfet with SiO2. The reasons are, 1. have improved saturation transconductance ( Frankly, I (...)
I have a few questions about fMAX and fT of a mosfet: 1. What's the definitation of fMAX, the maximum oscillation frequency of a mosfet? 2. I remember the definition of cut-off frequency fT is the frequency when current gain Iout/Iin = 1. This gives out fT = gm/Cg. My question is: is transconductance gm a function of frequency? (...)
It is the gate length of the FET. effective length of the distance in the near-surface region of Si substrate between edges of the drain and source regions in the field effect transistor (including mosfet and CMOS). Reducing gate length is an effective way of reducing the transconductance of the channel. This implies that switchin
mosfet is voltage drive device, what's the point of measuring Ft? And what is the usage of Ft for mosfet?
Hai I want to know which are the capacitances that wll be effected by scaling of a transister.What are the new capacitances that will come into picture.