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i need to regulate the speed of a motor running of a 12v battery i want to use a potentiometer but i don't know what type for a twelve volt power supply 22k,47k,100k,470k etc which one? please help many thanks.
Hello, i'm going to sesign a 3ph H-bridge to control a brushless motor and i'm wondering how can i choose the right mosfets in order to control my motor. The moter that i'm using is a Turnigy L5055C-700 Brushless Outrunner 700kv having the following caracteristics: Kv: 700rpm/V Voltage: 11.1v~29.6v (3s~8s) Max Power: 1600w Max Current: 60A
HI i am using IRF540 MOSFETS with Rds(on)=44m ohm. using IR2110 to drive the MOSFETs at switching frequency 5kHz. the H bridge is used to drive a permanent magnet DC motor with current rating 3A MAX while the MOSFET can handle upto 33A (according to datasheet). there is a dead band delay of approx 3us(Hard wired). Freewheeling diodes are used in t
Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with my project here. i'm using l297 and pic16f877 to drive stepping motor. Could anyone please guide me 1. which pin used for PWM? 2. Which pin used for stepping? 3. which pin are used for driving left and right? This is how my circuit look like 78431 Thank you for your help. :)
i think because of power flutation at the time of moter rotated microcontroller will restartd.... you just connect an lcd display on it and you can easily identify it
I am searching for a servo motor with some special specification below; However, I could not find my requirements. I hope someone could help me with this: A DC Servomotor for surveillance application. It should rotate at least 360 degree with a planetary gearbox. The feedback system should be based on a potentiometer, not a tachometer. Tha
sir i want c sourse code and circuit diagram for bipolar stepper moter using pic 16f84 or 16f72 and using L298 for drive i have 48 steps moter thanks chanakya
is it for full automatic or for semi automatic ? how the moter is controlling ie with TRIAC or with RELAY
yes it must work but i think this simple circuit has some disadvatages like the voltage drop across each transistor = 0.7 total loss = 0.7 + 0.7 = 1.4v maximum voltage across the moter will never exceed 12-1.4 = 10.6v, use heatsinks the amplification will not be linear
Hi umairfuuast, first of all please specify for which, do you want to controlle the speed. If you want to controlle the speed of stepper moter, which kind of micro and driver you used? rivet back for futher help. Ghanshyam
permanent magnet moters will be able to give you power in the range of few 100s of watts. also the tarque to weight ratio will be much smaller in case of permanent magnet moters. why dont you use a induction moter driven by a power electronics controller? hock
If U want RS232 for control, you can take a look at site above. You can modified it to control stepper moter. Just very easy.