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Dear All, I will continue to post x86 motherboard layouts, schematics (full) and related designs. This is for education purposes only and should not be used for commercial purposes. 1. Mobile Atom Solo Processor for Mini-ITX Form Factor with Intel 945GSE Express Chipset (Prototype schematics as Reference Design) See Attac
For repairing a PC motherboard , is a Oscilloscope or a logic analyzer more suited ?
Any chance to get the schematics for the HP pavilion zd8000 ? The motherboard seems to got a spill and a thorough cleaning made no changes. It turns on all leds but does not start at all. Thanks in advance.
Need Intel DG41RQ motherboard schematics.Please help
Why do you need schematics ? If you have IC data sheets and PC DIAGNOSTIC CARD you can repair any motherboards without schematics.
my laptop works normally when not plug in, but when i plug my charger, it shuts is a toshiba satellite A300 model..pls help..
i have hcl p28 laptop for repairing need schematic diagram schematics about this thing is hard to find. Manufacturers of motherboards, laptops, and such things... never give circuits of their products. Be carefull this motherboard is multislice maybe 15 layers! You need hot air solder station, good flux and other
Hay all, Can anyone help me I am really in need of A Schematic for a Dell latitude D800 motherboard Type DDQ12 LA-1901 DELL D800
Hello guys, I've read through the thread and cannot find the links for the motherboard schematics... I also have a Dell M1330 that went dead, and is out of warranty. I am pretty sure that if I find out which capacitor died I can replace it, but the motherboard schematic would cut a lot of the work from the job. Also, since
I have problem with intel d845 (motherboard). I need schematics diagram if anyone have,please help. Thanks
I am loocking for schematics to a KT400 dragon lite. Any help would be great !
For Sale Laptop motherboard Schematic Diagram Acer :- Aspire :- 4810-5810, Acer 4520, 3690, 5105, 8730, 7738G_DDR3, 5930G, 6935, 6920, 7520/5520/5220, 5510, 5670, 6530ZK3, 7100, TM2440 - AS3640, TM4220_AS5600, 1670, 4262, 7520, 4262, 7520, 3680 ASUS :- ASUS_Z84FM, ASUS_Z62HA, ASUS_Z62H, ASUS_T76S ASUS_F9S, ASUS
Intel has the motherboard manual and other user information at - There's no schematic, but there is a drawing of the board identifying all the various connectors, bios settings, etc.
I have never seen a published motherboard diagram I have, but it was in the late 1980ties. Anyway, if a motherboard fails it is in ~95% due to failures of electrolytic capacitors. These failures are obvious, replacing the capacitors with new ones (low ESR types!) is no problem. If the motherboard has other failures
I am looking for P4 or Athelon motherboard schematic, Also do you know how many AMPs cpu needs in its normal operation and from which voltage source it is provided, I mean from +5 or +15 or +3.3v?
Acer notebook motherboard schematics:
Robotman now that I know you use to design motherboards I know you can help me. I am basically designing a 486 embedded system for mainly educational purpose, (never design a PC motherboard and want to try it). I have choosen to use the 82c206 multifuction chip for interrupts, timer, dma, and rtc. My problem is that it runs at 8mhz (roughly