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This is common, when the circuit gets fairly complicated it runs in "slow motion" but there shouldn't be a problem simulating it even at that speed. Note that uploads in external servers are not allowed, post the attachment in this thread.
hi guys.. im currently doing my final project about human motion tracking using matlab my problem is how to control the movement of stepper motor using using Zilog microcontroller for the stepper motor can anyone help me? thanks
Hi, i want to ask for your opinion regarding my progress input- LM35, and motion sensor pic 16f877a output - ac motor input section plan output section PWM + Triac trigerring circuit
Hi I need to know what should I know about photodiodes (from book, white paper, ...) so that to be able to work in a PDK development project involving fabrication of photodiodes. These photodiodes will be used in motion control IC and will be physically implemented Thank you for your help, and best regards, Ahmad