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Hello!! I have problem with my project Speed control of DC motor using KEYPAD and pwm. I have interfaced 4x3 Keypad and 16x2 LCD, I want to control speed of DC motor using keypad input like 25% Duty cycle 50% duty cycle etc.!!! My problem is in program ..that is I cannot (...)
Hi folks, I am currently learning the bldc motor drive. I am not understanding how changing the terminal voltage across the motor affects the motor speed. As per my knowledge the speed depends only on the frequency at which we are energizing the coils. But using pwm we are not changing the rate at which (...)
Hi, Please have a look at the below link I am trying to understand pwm working Two examples are mentioned 1.LED 2.motor control. What I dont understand is on the LED control using pwm the pwm output voltage is in the range of 0 to 5V so it is ON for 387uS and
Hi, I am Trying to build a BLDC motor controller with the PIC18F4431 MCU. My plan is to use the six step sensorless trapezoidal commutation. Complementary and unipolar pwm, to be precise. The reason I chose this is to use synchronous rectification instead of simplt using the MOSFET intrinsic diodes. This means that, at (...)
Microprocessor pwm units are not well suited to drive stepper motors. Instead use timer interrupts and pulse pattern generation in software.
Hi, I am using dspic30f5011 controller and I can generate pwm wave by using output capture compare module.Now,I want to control the 4-wire bipolar stepper motor with pwm i.e, rotation speed.So,what driver I have to use? Thanks and Regards, M SAI KIRAN.
This is one of the reason s why you need to fully understand what is actually happening in library functions. That device has two ways of generating a pwm output: one using one of the 4 Output Compare peripherals (which have a pwm mode) and also the motor control pwm module that is more (...)
I want to control dc motor 24 v 11 A using plc . so i need a driver circuit that is able to work on 24 volt pwm from the plc. what are your suggestions?
I want to control dc motor 24 v 11 A using plc . so i need a driver circuit but i think it should work on 24 v pwm on logic level input , shouldn't it?
hello everyone. I am making a three phase inverter to control the speed of induction motor placed at the O/P of inverter. I am using potentiometer as analog input and using it to vary the duty cycle and freq of gate signals. I am facing an issue right now. arduino UNO has 6 pwm pins. I am (...)
hi,i need to know what is best frwquncy for speed control of dc brush motor ,recently i used 31.25 khz freqency pwm but it was not work good
Do avoid the noise you could used some form of higher-frequency pwm control that uses MOSFETs and not SCRs such as this, but I don't know if those are avail
Hi, I use arduino board which supply 5V output, but i need to operate 12V motor. I know that i could connect the arduino to 12V power supply and to solve the problem by this, but i cannot do it from some of reasons so i have to build a circuit which will get 5v DC input from the arduino and will supply 12V DC in the output. Someone can help me
I'm wondering if I can use a 5k ohm digital pot where a 4k7 ohm analog pot used to be? There is .3k ohms of difference of resistance, so would that mean that I would have to crop that off in my arduino code maybe using the map function perhaps? .... .... I'm wanting to digitally control a 24vdc speed controller. Unfo
I have to read 8 ADC channels. For this I selected simultaneous sampling of 4 channels. But I got the reading greater than the expected value for all channels. Almost 100 digit difference are observed. If I change to sequential sampling by selecting SIMSAM bit 0, I got the correct value. The ADC settings are given below ADCON1bits.A
Hello! I'm not sure you can control a brushless motor by pwm. This is not a program issue but a system issue. - A brushed DC motor gets the proper current at the proper time by using a current collector ring (I don't know the word in english, sorry) and brushes. - In the case of a motor (...)
Hello, I use IR2110 to control power mosfet to power a three-phase brushless motor. I have to run the engine for a start. I mounted a charge pump that provides a voltage of 30V to VB but every time the pwm stop the engine does not start. VCC = + 15 = Vmot= + 24 pwm= 15 Khz Every time I turn on the circuit the engine will not (...)
can anybody guide me how to do this im using proteus BLDC star motor pic 16f877 i tried to send 1 and 0 and follow this AN857 6 phases and will run the motor clockwise C5C4C3C2C1C0 P1 0 0 0 1 1 0 P2 1 0 0 1 0 0 P3 1 0 0 0 0 1 P4 0 0 1 0 0 1 P5 0 1 1 0 0 0 P6 0 1 0 0 1 0 but the the motor turns (...)
currently i am working on miacrochip application note no. AN1660. I have experience in pic but not in industrial applications. so i want to know how to control direction and speed of motor? how to use pwm method for frequency variation? all the details of hardware is mention on thanks in advance...
Hello everyone. I am implementing this design except the fan works perfectly. i have given 12v supply from battery,psu used