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This is my first post on your site, actually my first presentation. Accordingly, I would like to ask you nicely to not take me asbad if sent this to the wrong place by this question and this post. The final year of study at the school I worked with a microcontroller. I already have enough knowledge, enough knowledge to be able to do somethi
I think this suits your needs without a spec for peak torque you need, it is hard to compare. Old fashioned rotary switches had lots of friction and contact bounce so a stiff spring loaded ball-
in my panasonic servo motor there are three encoder outputs namely A , B , Z, If i connect cro i am getting square wave in a and b terminals but only noise in z. please explain about A B Z TERMINALS why i am not getting output in z?
A generator will output a voltage when it's rotated. That's no "back EMF" involved. That term is usually used with motors. How will you calibrate your device?
hi please can any one give me some solutions (ic , circuits ) about controlling the position of a sensorless bldc motor thank u very much
Please, am new to the project world. I am also a newbie at this forum. Pls i need help concerning this project. I am meant to 'get speed' and 'set speed' using a GSM modem, PIC 16F877A, LCD, DC motor, Optical encoder. I don't know how to program the microcontroller to set the speed using PWM and get the speed from the Optical encoder.
Providing you have a motor shaft that is mechanically linked to your moving mechanism it will work. Frank
It depends on the actuator. Is it a screw drive? Stepper motor? DC motor? 12 Volts? 400000000 Volts? Electro-pneumatically contolled?
Hi sense the initial position and calculate the final position, move the stepper motor in correct direction if you got or get over (very important) the destination stop the stepper motor...
Hello guys I have a motor equipped with an encoder, which can generate 3 pulses per revolution. encoder = 3 pulses per revolution 1 pulse represents 120 degree Is there any away to extract a precision up to 1 degree, Note that the motor speed is variable + acceleration is non linear. In simple i want to make a (...)
It is quite common/useful to use PWM for speed control whether you are using a stepper motor or simple brushed DC motor with feedback or measuring motor emf. With many robot arm applications it is important to have the position or angle so most often a stepper (in which you know how many degrees per step) or a motor with (...)
Hi all,, Im making a robotic Project that fix its speed whatever the slope of the surface.... I bought two used motors that each have an encoder installed onto it, that works with the effect of Hall Sensor. Im working with Pic 18F452. This is the speed and direction circuit for one motor : 93283 PIC:PIC18F452
Hi all, I am making a DC motor control board and want to add more than one motor feedback method to increase its usefulness. At the moment I have added the quadrature encoder option. What are other popular methods ? Do people use stuff like 4-20mA current loops ? What are other options that might be useful? Regards
I want to use servo like this I will connect it to a pvc 10 cm tire to measure returns per minute
can anyone suggest an easily available rotory encoder to measure the speed of a three phase induction motor?
Better to go with dsPIC series especially MC (motor Control) series. Because inbuilt independent PWM module to generate 1ph or 3ph PWM with programmable deadtime selection or zero dead time for Z-source inv. encoder / ADC can be used for feedback. Easy implementation of algorithms. If you have MATLAB simulink blocksets directly you can program from
i want to use a encoder to control the position of servo - motor, when shaft of encoder (1) revolve a degree, the signal from encoder (1) will deliver to PIC, then, PIC will generate PWM signals to H-drive, PIC use PI algorithm for this project, but it's appear so many problems, some boby help me! thank you all very much!
Thank you all for replying !!!!!!!!! I went through some DC motor control devices and have some ideas and questions. I thought of a device that can control motor speed of DC motors that has a range of supply voltages. The device will have an encoder input that can detect the motor speed as well as a 4-20mA (...)
This design is a servo-drive based on a DC motor with encoder. The project is original and it is difficult to find information on similar issues on the
If either Resolver, encoder or Tachometer is connected on a shaft of motor for feedback to vfd then it means vfd is configured to run in vector control method ? thanks