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You might use a magnet and an absolute single-chip encoder, like the iC-MH8, to get commutation signals directly out and compare them with the Hall-signale coming from the motor. Here you find the applications: . Enjoy your design work!
i want to check the speed and the direction of motor encoder(servo motor) via 8051... i have made the speed and direction parts of the program separately and they work fine but when i combine those parts it is not giving the direction properly.....need help urgent
I build a servo motor driver using STM32 however I didnot isolate GND of micro from power stage GND which was a wrong decision becouse micro is miscounting encoder pulses becouse of noise in the GND now I want redesign the boards and seperate the two GNDs my question is which optocouplers shall I use to isolate micro from IPM ? ( my PWM
Hi , I want to use timer0 as counter for a dc motor encoder. But for the CCS C compiler i dont know how to do it? How can i use timer0 as external pulse counter?
Hi All, I was wondering if it is possible to measure the actual position of a servo motor? All the servo motors I have seen only have 3 wires. 2 for power and 1 for the position signal In. I need a forth for position signal Out. I now that it must be used internally for the motor to know if it is in the right position. But will it be (...)
1 In DC motor latency is present 2 what is purpose of that 3 ...
Hi. I/O of ARM microcontrollers are 3.3V but many device work with 5V. How can i adapted 3.3V to 5V? For example For driving L298N(DC motor drive) i have to send 5V to IC but Arm microcontrolles output is 3.3V. Or output of many encoder is 5V but input of ARM have to 3.3v. Thanks
I have implemented PID control on precision dc motors. The position of servo motor is determined through linear optical encoders. The encoder values are read using a counter/timer/ TIM4 in the microcontroller. When I make very small moves, the servo moves and stops. Then according to my algorithm , I check if the movement (...)
I'm using quadrature encoder to feeback rotor position and how to do the alignment between zero position of rotor and rotor flux (rotor phase A)? And then how to align this position with stator phase A then? As you might know, this is actually two alignment bet. 3 things... Thx a lot!!
Hi I need to be able to count the pulses from an optical encoder connected to a quadrature clock converter that is then connected to a PIC18, I was going to count the pulses using timer0, is there a way to count down these pulses when the motor direction is reversed so that motor position can be monitored The converter i plan to use (...)
Before IGBTs and mosfets, scr were widely used for dc motor control. I repaired a 'folk lifter motor controller' with a 48V, 275A DC motor. A 450A thyrister was used as controller unit and a 50A thyrister to generate pulse to switch it off. An optical encoder in accelerator controls the speed. A huge battery bank under the (...)
What are the symptoms of a bad resolver/encoder connected to the motor ? If a resolver/encoder gone bad then what might be the possible symptoms ? thanks a lot in advance
Most servos have limited rotation, 0 to 180 degrees are common. The task of driving wheels is usually accomplished with either Stepper, DC or BLDC motors, you may need to incorporate an encoder in your design to provide feedback. Utilizing a stepper motor would most likely give you better control. What type of processor or (...)
Old drives like FDD and HDD are easily available. This fact encourages to implement and construct such a device. Old stepper motors from not used nowadays 5 1/4? station and motors that drive plates in hard discs HD
Hello all, I have a (probably stupid) question about a clock signal provided by a rotary encoder on a motor. I have to use this digital signal to sample an analog signal with an external ADC, this signal is in fact the clock of my ADC. My question is : can I create a process with the encoder output in the sensibility list ? or do I have to (...)
Use two gyroscopes, one accelerometer, two DC encoder motors. PID controller. Balancing Platform - YouTube
A short list of possible sensors which can be used to provide feedback for motor control: •Current sensors - Shunt resistor - Current-sensing transformer - Hall effect current sensor • Speed/position sensors - Quadrature encoder - Hall efect tachometer • Back EMF/Sensorless control method Here's a Microchip Appnote discussing t
I'm currently studying Diploma in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering. My project title is 12V DC Geared motor Speed Control using Microcontroller PIC16F877A. In this project, a 12V DC Geared motor with encoder, bought from Cytron Technologies is being used. It has 2 channel, which are Channel A and Channel B. In this case, i need som
After init etc., I calculate the speed in following way. Could someone help me find anything wrong here?? Buz the measured result varies time by time(when running the motor at constant speed). while(1) { if(TMR3<23000) { if(POS1CNT=0) {CntsRev=0; CntsRev+=1;} Cnts=POS1CNT+(CntsRev-1)*MaxCnt; // Th
Tachometer is only suitable when is possible to take measurement directily inside motor mechanism. However, many times it is not accessible. In this case, if motor have coupled reducer, an rottary shaft encoder must be used, due to low RPM property, wich could derail the cloed loop control. +++