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I have count encoder pulse on interrupt RB0 here. You may change RB0 input to count push button pressed.
HI! i want to check any motor stalls while my motor is energized, motor is AC, i would like to use an encoder! but i am not certain how to use it! i dont need any positioning or angle checking so only 1,0 encoder would work, how should i use it in my AVR, i have no interupt pin available, and i have to (...)
Hey guys! I am working on a servo motor drive so far its working great but now I am facing a problem related to PID parameter values Servo loop time = 5ms encoder PPR = 1000 motor RPM (max) = 4200 Kp = 5, Ki = 1, Kd = 3 (signed int16) motor (signed int16) Here is my Servo Controlling Algorithm Servo loop: Error (...)
I use hole effect encoder motor from pololu and it gives 3200 pulses per revolution. I tried RB4-7 interrupts and it did not success. Please I need a better method. I'm using PIC16f877. Thank you.
Hi friends.... In motor selection process, motor constant is an important parameter. As per definition, motor Constant, Km= peak torque /(P^1/2). Here, Whether Power(P) is Continuous power or peak power?:roll: Thanks in advance:-D
I have a 10HP motor with 1.375"(~34mm) diameter shaft. What's the best encoder option for it?? Thx a lot!
Can someone help me out with the scematic of the motor controller with PIC18f4331, l298 and a quadrature encoder. I already implemented the motor controller with a pic 16f877a, but later I had to abandon that idea as 16f doesnt support quadrature encoder modules.. I adjusted the 16f circuit diagram for 18f4331 , but It doesn wo
Another option would be a stepper motor, by which you can control both speed and position.
Hi, We have a motorbike clutch and break cord roll wich is basically a hollow spring coated by pvc cover. We need to cut it at fixed length for which we have formed a The mechanical setup consist of mechanism of pulling the cord using motor bike chain coupled with an AC motor and a rotary cutter again coupled with a motor (...)
How do I connect the US Digital e4p encoders to my motors mechanically? Can i just extend the shaft motor and attach them or do i have to make a gear mechanism?
Hi I have a DC motor and I want to detect its direction digitally and feed it into my micro controller. Its possible to detect the PWM going to the motor using the circuit given here Yi Yao - DC motor Controller and Tachometer but how can I detect the direction. Any help will be ap
If the motor moves only one direction, or you know it's direction and don't need to track the position across reversals, a single channel incremental encoder would be sufficient. Otherwise a code wheel and two opto-interrupters mounted with an offset of one quarter of the codewheel resolution make a quadrature encoder.
Hi there, I'm doing a dc motor speed controller project and I actually want to measure the actual rpm the motor is running. motor details as follow: DC12V Output Power: 1.1 Watt Rated Speed: 185RPM Rated Current: 410mA Rated Torque: 78.4mN.m 5V Quadrature Hall Effect encoder - Monitoring the position and (...)
I want control a BLDC first ) I want change the current from coil to coil by the position of encoder instead of using hall sensors is this posible ? second ) I want determine where the coils start by using an offset from encoder zero point is there an algorithm for determining this offset value ? ( In short I want eliminate hall
Hi, Here's a few examples of using an encoder with motor control: Using encoder A Simple DC motor Controller SENSORS - ROBOT encoder
If I have a motor and uses a DSP card, amplify to control it. The software can be set paramaters (position, velocity, acceleration, P, I , D...etc.) I can record its motor realtime position value that was readed by the encoder. Is it possible that I can calculate its Transfer function in terms of the position curve versus time?
Have you manage to measure this frequency in Simulink or have you got any general idea how to obtain the speed of motor having the impulse train from encoder ?
Pinch roller with chopper-wheel type encoder. X pulses/rev. Pulses fed to a microcontroller or PLC. Microcontroller or PLC controlles motor speed. or Tension idler with position output to microcontroller or PLC to motor. Ken
hey guys i want to know about Servo motor Electronic Gear ratio A/B settings how it works any one plzz, how to calculate the number of pulses per revolution ?
I'm almost finished building an articulated arm robot. It uses 6 DC brushed motors with quadrature encoders and one brushed dc with pot for position sense. The microcontroller (dspPic 33fj256gp710) is connected to six LM628 motor controllers. I've used assembly code to control one motor with encoder at a (...)