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Hey am trying to control motor speed using PID. I am using encoders to detect the speed of the motor to be used as feedback.. I am using ATmel 2560 microcontroller. Kindly help me with the program to read the speed using the encoder....(preferably in c/c++.)
am dng a project ... i need to find out the velocity and position of a motor (real time) using FPGA. for that qudrature encoder is used ,it gives 2 squre waves A,B a& b signal always have a 90 degree phase diff: from these pulses the rotating direction we can find out that is if A leads B clockwise rotation and B leads a anti clockwise rotation
Relay part is the easy one, but how are you going to sense the direction of the motor .. Usually it is done with a 2-wave rotary encoder somehow driven by the motor’s shaft .. Rgds, IanP :|
follow the may b useful :-)
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I would rather go with ac motor than stepper and use absolute encoder to determine it position in any time. So if you cut off the power supply on motor, on next start you will know your absolute position (if that is important to you). Take the motor from some old washer or buy some equivalent. It has around 100W power. (...)
hi experts , I'm new in microcontrollers and learning them for my project now. I have three 38V DC motors and their encoders with 240 pulse/rev. I want to start DC motors and count encoder pulses and say stop by PIC16F877 when they reached to my value. Which program,compiler could you advise to me ? Also have you (...)
i want to know about some motors like 1) servo motor 2) shaft encoder motor I need some basic Tutorials ?? how to connect shaft encoder with microcontroller ??
I am doing dc servo motor controller.I want control position.But i don't know used some registry?Now I can read encoder by timer counter registry.Plsease help me. Hardware: LPC2148 form Nxp
Hello everybody, i hope some of you already had the following issue: I have to find a solution to count the spikes resulted in a small DC motor commutation (The motor must be a brush/commutator type) without using a optical encoder, or a potentiometer attached to the shaft. Is there any IC that does the job? Or, does someone have some (...)
Im new to micro controller programming and I urgently need a program for servo motor controller(dc motor controller with a single ended quadrature encoder) using pic 18f4331. I googled it for on many occasions but found nothing. I would prefer in mikroc. Will someone be able to share their coding with me as It would be a great help as Iam (...)
hi don't worry project is simple, only thing is you should know position control basics. Hardware details are incomplete such as: motor type:stepper motor or servo motor drive type: Variable frequency or Servo drive your PLC having any encoder moule
My experimental setup is as shown in attached image. The prime mover is used to drive the motor at a constant speed, e.g. 1000rpm. The encoder used in the system is Hengstler RI58-O/2000AS.41RB with 2000ppr. Output signals A and B of the encoder are input to an EX-OR gate. The CLK signal is then input to a 12-bit counter (...)
Maybe you could post youre schematics here so we can see what is going wrong. Type of hardware and type of motor.
Iv made a motor controller circuit for 2 motors & each has a quadrature encoder. The pic im using is pic16f877a. I got no idea regrading how im going to programme the pic to accommodate the encoders. Herewith I have attached the motor controller programme with the encoder (...)
It would be better to use a Pic that has support for motor control. A Pic18 series or Pic30. Some of these chips have a dedicated quadrature encoder input port. Look on Microchip at the motor control pages for more info.
the code for the motor control using the encoder is same in ccs or mikroe as the output of incoder will be connected to the input of the microcontroller use optiical incoder
hi , I want to control 6 Bldc motor using Single MCU ? Is there any SINGLE MCU is Avaliable please send the Name of the MCU and LInk ...
hi, I want to measure the current speed of BLDC motor Driver circuit one I/O pin is avaliable Known as SPEED OUT how to measure the speed without any instrument?
i've an optical encoder to measure the motor speed 2 wires o/p from this sensor 1stwire>>>>>to count pulses 2nd wire>>>>specify the direction right or left i can count pulses. sensor has no name.i try to know how to specify the direction but i can't . any one know how those sensors work?? how to specify the direction?? i think all types o