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hello Does anyone have a link or something on a stepper motor +drive that can accept a TTL 1024 encoder ,and that can be a slave for the encoder. thx
Hi, I have a synchronising problem. I got a incremental encoder that is connected directly into the servo driver. I'm suppose to turn the encoder shaft. When the encoder shaft turns for 90 degrees, the servo motor shaft will follow instantly and turns for 90 degrees in the same direction as the encoder (...)
Dear friends Thank you for letting me join this forum, i need it. First of all, i have this Maxon EC flat motor EC45 brushless, with encoder. And also i have the motor driver EPOS 24/5. What i want to ask is, i don't know how to control this motor with the driver given. And The motor has 8 pin fpc (...)
How can we extract transfer function (G(s) ) from measured step response of a LTI system. Example : data from encoder output gained. what is the(DC motor + Encodr) transfer function? -------------------------- step >>DC motor>>encoder>> response(measured data) -------------------------- thanks alot.
I need a C code for detecting motors speed. A 2-channel shaft encoder is attached to the motor which outputs 2-bit gray code. max velocity of the motor is 189 rpm I am using a PIC18F Microcontroller Please help me, Thanks in advance
One good way of controlling motor's speed is to use a rotary encoder attached the the motor's shaft . Alternatively you can use a disk with several holes, install LED(s) on one side and photoelement(s) on the other side, and using PIC microcontroller measure pulses' duration which is direct proportional to the motors' speed (...)
If you look on the microchip website you will find a wealth of information on motor drive cicuits and sample pic code!
Hi, Does anybody have the algorithm of optical quadrature decoder for motor feedback?
Hi, I got 3 DC motors with encoder for my project. But I have no idea related to encoder. 1. I got a DC motor (Pittman 9413D319 3140-0665 REV-H) which has an encoder. But I don't know how that encoder works. I found no datasheet or any reference related to this (...)
I have a motor system with optical encoder. I have two boards. One is control board and the other is power board. These boards are connected via a flat cable which is 20-25cm. Without encoder is in operation, everything seems ok. But when it's in operation, output to the motor is affected. This happens even if i completely (...)
I'm using an Atmel AVR series microcontroller to position a motor using feedback from a rotary encoder. The code uses avrgcc libs. The problem is this: When I was developing the control algorithm I put code in it that printed out variable values to a serial port so I could get feedback if the code was working as expected. When I remove the co
I have a motor control project. In this project, i need to measure the speed. To measure the speed, i planned to use a 100ppr incremental encoder. With the ucontroller's ability it can count 400 pulses per revolution.(It counts decreasing and increasing edges of phase A and phase B) This means that, in order to measure the speed with 1 rpm resolut
Using Steppers with a shaft encoder would be a good sollution. You can't rely on a pulse counter for determining the stepper motor position. If it's over torqued a stepper will slip and you'll have no idea it happend. There are many different methods for encoding shaft direction and speed, look up as many as you can.
555 has source/sink current of up to 200mA so you should be able to drive your motor directly from its output (pin3) .. Option1: you can use 555 in monostabile configuration (see picture below) and adjust time in such a way that the motor does only 1 turn .. Other option will require some sort of shaft encoder build around optocoupler or a (...)
Hello experts, Could you explain how to use index channel of motor digital encoder in normal case? I can't figure out why this extra channel exists. Thanks in advance.
Hi, I have an 4 poles BLDC motor controlled with the help of a 3-phase inverter and quadrature encoder feedback. Is there a difference in the commutation sequence when the motor counts 4 poles instead of two? The "classical" sequence would count six steps distributed equally along 1 mechanical cycle (1 revolution). I know that the (...)
Let's start with general robotics links: And here some extra links on motors in robotics: Servo control of DC motor with q-encoder
Speed control of DC motor Speed encoder -> low pass filter -> ADC Speed feedback -> PWM -> Duty Cycle
I want to design a closed loop speed controller for an induction machine. I plan to use an incremental encoder for speed feedback. motor speed will be between 0-5000rpm. For this purpose how must i choose the encoder? How much pulses must it be or what to care?
Hello, I'm doing a PID speed control for a DC motor, using a PIC 16 as the controller. To have a closed loop I'm using an optic sensor, and an dented wheel. Not quite a quadrature encoder, since I only have one signal. I still haven't mounted up the system, but I want to have the software as tuned up as possible before running