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I am using TMS320C6211 DSK, a Code Composer Studio DSK of version C600 1.23 together with Matlab 6. This DSK has two I/O ports, each having 80 pins. The problem that I face is that I have no idea how to connect from these I/O pins to my cart carrying a pendulum (I have a L293DNE H-bridge,a 6V DC motor and a two channel optical encoder HEDS-560
Oooops! I doubt about that what I'm going to say is new to you, but if it is only to test something, you could try to use some plastic tubing linking the motor shaft an the home made encoder. Anyway if you plan to use it for more serious work it could be better to eliminate the plastic axis from the mouse wheel, drill it in its center (I guess 2 t
Hi, I found it attached on Old Yaskawa motor SGM-02B312B. It is Sony made magnetic rotary encoder. Anybody know how this thing work? I only know the principles of optical rotary encoder. How to find the wiring fin out? Any one have any clue? I have ask Yaskawa by mail, but no answer. Thx + rgds Tr2000
Hello, I am looking for industrial servo amplifier: MUST HAVE: - ~3kw - used with 3phases asynchron servo motor. - resolver feedback. - digital synchronisation by master frequency (5V TTL Signals- like encoder). (also called 'position following Mode') - integrated angular synchronisation. good to have (WISH): - 500V AC (50/60 HZ) line
Hello, Somebody can give me information for making a PID to control a DC motor ? The motor have a encoder HEDS-5540. I am using the microcontroller PIC18F452 and I am programming in C. I am a novice and I have never used MATLAB. Regards and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Hi, I have dc servo motor coupled with encoder -> Yasakawa Electric Minertia motor 6274747 . But i can't find encoder pins' description. It has 5 pins but i don't know which one is +5V,ground,ChannelA,ChannelB,Indexpulse. How can i find them? Thanks in advance
Hi, I have bought a HiCo magnetic head (4000 Oe at 2.5A). But I need a way to drive efficiently the head at 2.5A. I think about using a L297 component (step motor driver) or a power audio amplifier (TDA2040 20W) used as a comparator. But maybe someone as a schematic of a real magstripe HiCo encoder ?? :) TIA !
Hi, I need a design to make a DRO for showing the motion advanced in a PCB Drill. Also is it possible to use a stepper motor as an encoder?? Any info appreciated. Thanks. :lol: :lol:
Hi What kind of PLC to use to control stepper motor with encoder? Thanks
Some years ago I built a similar circuit and made my experiences with it. This kind of incremental sensor was only usful for armature application. It worked not so fine when the rotation was very slow. When someone uses stepper motors with 4-coils a snap-in effect can be made by contact the not used coils together. Make a simple short circuit t
it depends on the size of roll you can use dc brushless motor or an asynchronous motor with a driver, bye Stark.
hello friends, I've already posted a message about quad. encoders, but as the project goes more problems arises. Actually I've a hardware that is able to count the pulses and tell the direction, but when I connected the encoder in the shaft of the AC motor sometimes it miscounts or bad counts the pulses I guess it's due to vibration in (...)
Can anyone give information about position-velocity feedback control of induction motors and it digital implementation ? I would be grateful for links or books where detailed study cases are considered. My interest is nonlinear control of these systems. THANKS NEBISMAN